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    Thread: The Armored Core Series: A Newcomer's Journey
Post: RE: The Armored Core Series: A Newcomer's Journey

Ha I noticed that too. I guess to a newcomer, fluttering your mech's boosters is just not a natural idea. We can blame media for always depicting boosting as a "full-send or not at all" activity. :P
Grim Core-Related 3 20 Yesterday, 01:15 AM
    Thread: The Armored Core Series: A Newcomer's Journey
Post: The Armored Core Series: A Newcomer's Journey

I thought this was interesting. It's a long-form retrospective of a newbie's experience with diving into the series, shortly after the announcement of AC6. It details their experiences with the games'...
Grim Core-Related 3 20 03-24-2023, 04:12 AM
    Thread: Pilot's Internal Organization (PIO) - Armored Core Content Updates
Post: RE: Pilot's Internal Organization (PIO) - Armored ...

Please keep doing these, it's still appreciated even though there's not much fanfare. Ebbs and flows, as you very well know.
Grim Core-Related 4 74 03-21-2023, 03:07 AM
    Thread: Street Fighter 6
Post: Street Fighter 6

Cammy White. That is all. [sp] (
Grim Gaming 2 48 03-01-2023, 11:07 AM
    Thread: Music you're currently listening to...
Post: RE: Music you're currently listening to...

Probably the most emotional piece of music in the entire FF7 saga for me.
Grim Music 1,016 1,055,123 02-28-2023, 12:19 PM
    Thread: Armored Core Art Books
Post: Armored Core Art Books

Came across this collection of Armored Core art book scans on the internet. It spans from the original AC game up to Verdict Day.
Grim AC Media 1 62 02-26-2023, 11:09 AM
    Thread: Emulation
Post: RE: Emulation

Retro Game Corps' video on the Miyoo Mini+ is out. What makes it potentially better over the RG35XX is that it will have a wifi chip, meaning RetroAch...
Grim Gaming 5 131 02-24-2023, 11:23 PM
    Thread: Medalssssss.
Post: Medalssssss.

As a revamp of the old recognition system we had for PACT winners, we now have a semi-fully working medals system. I say semi-fully because there's some kinks to work out, but otherwise it works fine....
Grim Announcements 3 486 02-20-2023, 03:45 AM
    Thread: Armored Core Original Soundtrack (20th Anniversary Box)
Post: RE: Armored Core Original Soundtrack (20th Anniver...

NiX Wrote: (02-18-2023, 12:08 PM) -- Noooooo!!! I don't know if it's just me, but the rip for the Disc 12 - Mobile 4 Mission Part2 skips at the 0:52 mark. Shame, cuz the song is SO good. Seems ...
Grim AC Media 5 149 02-18-2023, 10:46 PM
    Thread: An Unkindness of Ravens
Post: RE: An Unkindness of Ravens

Haha wow, talk about taking me back. Shin called it. Even though there hasn't been an actual port, being able to play the games on PC really opened the game up to a wider audience - and fortunately...
Grim Core-Related 59 62,488 02-08-2023, 11:25 PM
    Thread: Armored Core is alive and kicking, and so are we!
Post: RE: Armored Core is alive and kicking, and so are ...

ZaruForever Wrote: (02-07-2023, 01:05 AM) -- Dark theme hurts my eyes (i'm one of those people who meed light & bright, yeah). Can't find an option to switch forum theme in profile settings. Any he...
Grim Announcements 16 1,590 02-07-2023, 01:19 AM
    Thread: Last Raven Hand Weapon Tier Chart
Post: RE: Last Raven Hand Weapon Tier Chart

Sweet graphic! I saw the prior version and yeah the small explanation helps to grasp the overall concept. I mostly play/played LR with a competitive mindset, so looking at it all makes me realize I...
Grim Guides and Statistics 3 243 02-06-2023, 11:58 AM
    Thread: Emulation
Post: RE: Emulation

Those companies make what are essentially handheld PCs, like the Steam Deck. But as you can guess, the price is really high up there, so Valve remains the clear winner in that segment.
Grim Gaming 5 131 02-02-2023, 02:44 AM
    Thread: Emulation
Post: RE: Emulation

Yeah it's quite the trooper for a cheapish price. Absolutely no issues with PS1 and earlier systems, but no analog controls of course. Miyoo is gonna come out with the Mini+ in a couple of weeks/mont...
Grim Gaming 5 131 02-01-2023, 11:29 PM
    Thread: Emulation
Post: Emulation

I noticed we don't have a topic on emulation in general yet. I've been having a ton of fun revisiting older generation games lately. Mobile chipsets and integrated graphics have become efficient en...
Grim Gaming 5 131 02-01-2023, 11:26 AM