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RR Armored Core Wiki Project - NiX - 02-12-2023

So Grim and I've decided to revive our old Encyclopedia Republika AC wiki. I feel like we have a bit more traction and (momentary) motivation this time.

In general, I'd like the wiki to be sort of an English version of the Japanese Armored Core Forever atwiki. We're more interested in archiving things like hidden stats, quirks and mechanics from all the games in the series -- Info that will ultimately be useful for building ACs. Lore and trivia fluff is low priority.
Here's a sample WIP page:

As you might've noticed, we're working toward comprehensive sortable tables for ease of comparing parts.
So the bulk of the initial work is really in tabulating the stats per part category per game. Here's my initial spreadsheet for MoA parts:

If someone can script an info scraper or something for this, then all the better.
And in case you want to contribute or something, just let us know.