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Armored Cored: Silent Line - Int3ll3r1337 - 11-16-2012

Here's the deal fellow ravens there's a part this mission where there is a door that is damaged but my ac pulls targets from the other side of it. I've destroyed everything else to make sure and its still pulling targets..I've sat at the door with a CLB-LS-3771 because of the 2300 atk power the blade has but it wont move..anyone within the raven fold has a idea on what to do?

RE: Armored Cored: Silent Line - NiX - 11-16-2012

I don't really remember the mission anymore. But based on what's happening, I'm pretty sure there's a enemy that you missed. Try using a longer range radar and/or head with better mapping functions?

RE: Armored Cored: Silent Line - Lord_Leperman - 11-16-2012

Wasn't this the one where you fight the uber MT for the first time? The one that has that big gun shows up in the end after you extinguish the fires in the base. Anyway, if there are still enemies you can't find, try looking up on the corridors and each room. IIRC there are vents you can blast and go into to reach the other rooms. There might be a hidden part somewhere as well.

EDIT: Thanks to this, I'm listening to the SL track "Rise in Arms" again, the music playing in this mission. Rise in Arms is prolly the most memorable AC OST for me.

RE: Armored Cored: Silent Line - Skreija - 11-16-2012

You just might have missed some sort of trigger event or section. Best advice is to use your map function and see if there are any doors or passageways that you haven't filled in yet.

RE: Armored Cored: Silent Line - Int3ll3r1337 - 11-17-2012

I'll try checking the vents..I'm usng the CHD-GLITCH head unit..

Thanks ravens! I over looked a spot on the map for a ventaltion shift that ran into the next there is a similar issue with mapping the satellite in silent line but imma sit back and work with it..I only have 5 missions to complete before I have full S rank mission completion.