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ArmoredCoreNetwork is live! - GodlySupreme - 11-04-2012


I'll like to thank your time for reading, I just finally placed ACN in motion, it's run like any professional and it's focus are quality of its videos.

ArmoredCoreNetwork is both, North American and Japanese ACV

It should be uploading 3+ videos per 2 days. Here are some footage of the videos already on. Thanks guys

Check out ACN here!

RE: ArmoredCoreNetwork is live! - J.E_Magog - 11-05-2012

I thought I've seen it all. Lots of unconventional designs being used, they're very amusing to watch.

RE: ArmoredCoreNetwork is live! - GodlySupreme - 09-29-2013

I'm back! Been years since I last been here. Check how much I grew. I will be getting the Japanese AC:VD. Yep, it was a long load eh?