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LR: Cheapskate - medusa0 - 08-10-2011

AC Name: Cheapskate

CR-H81S4 4,2,1,3,0
C05-SELENA 6,1,0,3,0
A03-GIBBON 3,4,3,0,0
LT02-BOAR2 0,6,0,4,0
CR-G91 0,10,0
ANANDA 0,0,10

Paint (Normal, all weapons black):
Base: 85,85,60
Aid: 96,97,80
Optional: 110,65,45
Detail: 165,120,0
Joint: 60,90,75

Relatively fast tank constructed to overpower an opposing AC in one-on-one combat. It was originally built to counter the multitude of back cannon abusing AIs in the campaign and is best used at short to medium range against bipeds, reverse-joints, and hovers.

I know the part tunes are not optimised, but they are shared with other ACs so I will leave them for now.

Edit: Updated description to better reflect intended use.

RE: LR: Cheapskate - Int3ll3r1337 - 08-10-2011

tried the setup..did not work at all and i really tried with it. After trading parts it works just fine as a tank.
FCS= f75d
the fcs you had didnt respond as well as the 75d did. technically you could have changed to 81a2 for better def and en supply but dropped 20 in mov abi. since u said that it was most for cannon using ai acs in missions i did Safeguard Industrial mission against Heaven Ray's slug cannon. Started with 9480ap after switching to 81a2 tank leg ended with 8671.

RE: LR: Cheapskate - medusa0 - 08-10-2011

What was it about the bot that did not work if I may ask? With certain playstyles it is possible to defeat nearly every single AIs in LR besides Moonlight (tank with LX cannon, WYRM, and FENRIR). The idea was to not use this rig as a traditional tank and soak up damage but to be a mobile cannon platform, it should be played in this manner:

1. Start the match by turning on the extensions if the opponent is equipped with missiles, otherwise drop them.
2. Switch to LGL, it should be your primary weapon for the majority of the match.
3. Quickly close distance by boosting (the whole point of BOAR2 really)
4. Attack at medium-short range with LGL and left hand gun.
5. Use the EOs at close range only. Turn them off if your energy goes under 25%.
6. Try to out turn the opponent at all times, the stun from the cannon should make this much easier.
7. Only use the FINGER if the opponent's AP is low and at point-blank range.

I will try out your suggestions when I get the chance (assuming that M3 meant the RM3 extensions), thanks. Happy

Tested against VS AIs - this thing does eat everything alive. The only thing it can't overpower is Moonlight as stated above.

RE: LR: Cheapskate - Int3ll3r1337 - 08-10-2011

idk... maybe its because im used to missiles in last raven..shit i destroy'd lucifer with only weapons arms and missle ext. ( in which by the way is the cheap way to destroy him). but i still used the core, bp, and lgl like you said before you even made the post. that style didnt fit me.. after i mod'd it i spam'd with missile first until target was in-range of their own weapon and then used the core and weapon combo..I think it was still the different styles....and another thing I hate tanks..OMG Shock they are just toooo slow for me. I rather have a fast middle weight ac than a turtle slow tank. Now dont get me wrong tanks have respectable ap but just the mob. is a turn off for me

RE: LR: Cheapskate - medusa0 - 11-14-2011

Sorry about the self-necro, but apparently my idea was not new... Facepalm

RE: LR: Cheapskate - NiX - 11-14-2011

The LGL coupled with BP is quite difficult to use in actual combat. And tanks rolling around just like that will usually be picked off very easily by most competent players. yeah, OB core please. Tongue But if it's just for the AI, then that'll do.

RE: LR: Cheapskate - TMRaven - 11-16-2011

Man, why would people post vids like that to youtube.