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The Answer - medusa0 - 01-21-2011

Never a big fan of AC4 to ACFA soundtrack, but stumbled across this thing a few days back:


Download and preview links are also on the same page.

RE: The Answer - Shintetsu - 01-22-2011

OC Remix.. I have their 'Time to oil up!" remix. Cool sounds!

RE: The Answer - NiX - 02-07-2011

Thanks for the heads up. Smile Sorry, haven't been making the rounds lately. Oh, and I thought the AC4 ost wasn't bad.
edit: WOW I'm totally liking this stuff!

edit 2: No wonder this felt familiar. It's that fan album that was in the works since the middle of last year! And he's finally done. Smile

RE: The Answer - GLOW - 01-02-2013

It's definitely one of those remix albums worth taking a look at, even though the AC4 music was less enjoyable for me than others.
Edit: I am so bad at replying to things quickly