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Vandal IV - bhima. - 10-30-2010

Pilot Name: Bhima.
AC Name: Vandal IV

Head: H10-CICADA2 0/0/0/10/0
Core: C06-EOS 4/0/0/6/0
Arms: A09-LEMUR2 0/0/10/0
Legs: CR-LH96FA 8/0/0/0/2
Booster: B03-VULTURE2 0/0/0/10
Generator: G01-LOTUS
Radiator: ANANDA
Inside: NONE

Arm Unit R Hanger: NONE    
Arm Unit L Hanger: NONE
O01-ANIMO, CR-O69ES, CR-O69SS, CR-O71EC, CR-O75LA, CR-O79L+,

Largely an experiment: I usually don't use missiles at all but I decided to give 'em a shot on this heavy weight. I started playing a short while ago and have yet to unlock all of the parts. Basically I hang back with my hydra2+funi spam until they're dropped keeping the enemy at bay with the lefty bazooka. The added speed from the ditched weapons is used to close in with the LR.

Known issues:
Seems a little drainy and slow, a little less flexible than I usually like.

This is my first AC posted anywhere ever! I appreciate the advice.

RE: Vandal IV - NiX - 10-30-2010

The sluggishness you feel has a lot to do with the fact that this AC is pretty much a true heavy.

The lack of energy is mostly due to LOTUS. You can try the G91 if you feel a little too strapped for energy. But it'll make you slower, of course.

Try the CODON optional part instead of the EC.

Good AC, overall.

RE: Vandal IV - bhima. - 10-30-2010

(10-30-2010, 11:15 AM)NiX Wrote: The sluggishness you feel has a lot to do with the fact that this AC is pretty much a true heavy.

The lack of energy is mostly due to LOTUS. You can try the G91 if you feel a little too strapped for energy. But it'll make you slower, of course.

Try the CODON optional part instead of the EC.

Good AC, overall.

Thanks, I tried believe I originally had the G91 in this but cried because it was too slow, lol. I'll give it a shot later tonight. As for the Codon, sadly that's one of the parts I'm on my way to get!Glare

RE: Vandal IV - NiX - 10-30-2010

The LOTUS isn't necessarily bad for this AC. You can make up for it with the overboost on EOS.

And dropping the FUNI later on in a match does give you back some more energy.

RE: Vandal IV - Goat - 10-30-2010

Decent frame parts, and I think the internals should be enough too. Also, RL & BP have ample ammo stores and are already killer combinations, although I'm not exactly familiar with the HYDRA because I haven't used it. Moving on, I'll admit that FUNI is too drainy for my preference, so I'd swap the FUNI for a lesser EN-draining missile relation extension.

Like NiX said, get CODON for your AC because you'll need to turn faster if an enemy tries to be a flanker, and in this case you're using a heavy biped. But yeah, this is only for close to medium quarters; you won't be needing this if you can play with your opponents position (long range vs forced long range) and if your FCS is suited for this kind situation.

So yeah overall they're good to go, you'll probably just need to review your tactics if you think it isn't working.

Btw, CICADA2 is also my starter head, but in AC: Nexus. LOL

RE: Vandal IV - bhima. - 11-01-2010

Thanks for the encouraging words and all the advice guys!

Nix: I stuck with the Lotus, the speed and stability benefits far outweighed the added energy.

Goat: Yeah, turning is one of the most important parts of AC strategy. Back when I used to play AC2 that was one of the things I always tweaked my AC for! I'll play through the mission path which awards the CODON next. Also, I'm not really familiar with the missile relation systems to be honest I just slapped the one I'd thought I'd seen paired with the hydra before. Could you recommend some for me to test? Also, which qualities I should search for when deciding on back-units (rockets, missiles, etc.)?

I used to use the CICADA2 on all of my designs but now most often go with Queen or CR-H81S4 after trying it on one of Nix's designs Big grin.

This AC was actually my attempt to take the lessons learned from messing with other designs to my first successful design in LR. It was damage race tank with moderately high defense which I used to bulldoze through the Arena, lol. After piloting a series of midweights I decided to go back and rethink Wub my noob-mobile.

RE: Vandal IV - clonezero - 11-01-2010

rm2+ 1 hydra 2 is a good way to go, I think its better to drop the other hydra 2 and place something else (what that would be is beyond me as I am not great at making heavies).

as long as you don't but a very drainy part to replace the other hydra 2 why not try swapping the vulture 2 for the gull.

or you can try experimenting by either replacing the other hydra 2 with a CR-WB69M and changing to birdie 2/vulture2-kongoh-ananda.

RE: Vandal IV - bhima. - 11-02-2010

I'll give the rm2 a shot. Originally I had Hydra2+Spartoi but found the lock time hardly made the Spartoi worth the trouble. I'll also try out the Gull again: I'd originally swapped it to take advantage of the Vulture2's improved acceleration.

I'd always seen people can the birdie2 booster in favor of either the Gull or Vulture2 and I've never tried the kongoh since people usually swear by the G91. What advantages should I look for in the kongo-birdie2 combo?

edit: Still need to unlock kongo Sad

RE: Vandal IV - clonezero - 11-02-2010

the two balance each other out kongoh is a high output high heat producing gen and the birdie 2 is a low heat high drain booster the upside of this is both parts are relatively light in the weight department making them ideal for lighter mechs the down side would be your en bar bouncing up and down the whole match and so you have to be wary of your en (but if you do get gen busted the recharge cycle would be very short so you are not vulnerable for too long.)

RE: Vandal IV - J.E_Magog - 11-03-2010

I don't really see any advantages in the KONGOH+B2 if you'll be using it on a Heavyweight OB.
Heavies rely mostly on the boosters for movement and the KONGOH doesn't have enough juice for the boosters to use.

Stick with G91 + GULL/Vulture2.

RE: Vandal IV - darkdragon_ycart22 - 12-12-2010

Haven't seen anyone post Heavies on the AC forums until now...
I'll try it for myself, since I usually run tanks, mid bipeds, and quads.

~ muka namang okay KONGOH+BIRDIE2... di ko pa kasi nasusubukan, haha ~