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Full Version: Super Robot Wars series
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amf you have a whole week get some!
Hahaha... I'm sensing some hostilities here~ Smile)

... WHAT THE HECK WAS UP WITH THAT VID?!?!?!? WTH... My eyes are practically glued to the monitor watching that happen again and again and again...

I think there's already a torrent for a download of the game itself... If I recall, it was a 4 gb file.
hahaha gagawin kong hostage OGs mo kaya pag hindi mo binigay 50 pesos ko hindi ibabalik OGs mo Tongue Laughing
Hey CZ pwede pahiram ng cd mo nito sa Tuesday. Gusto ko uli laruin eh.
huh which one?? alpha 3 or OGs????

anyway I still have to dip the disc in hot water to clean it because its not getting read anymore ...
Alpha 3. Or any other SRW that works properly. I should've downloaded it already, but I'm lazy.
whats new anyway I'll bring it you just bring yourself
Hindi kita nakita kanina sa Big Fish. Dalhin mo na lang araw-araw para 'pag nagkita tayo bigay mo na lang.
sorry bad day Sleep
Blink What happened? You guys know each other iRL? Awww... Sob... I wish I knew someone else from RR iRL... T____T
its nothing anyway come to the sept. 1 meet Happy that way you get to meet a lot of us.
Dude, I think he lives in Davao.
Oh man, Davao. Ang layo!

CZ was actually my classmate (sa English lang) last year. Had the chance to know him better when he saw me watch AC4 at youtube. Told me it was his favorite game, so we exchanged ideas about AC and told him about this site.

lol sorry about that... pero kung gusto mo try mo ung sinasabi ni DT sa tech help ung kukuluin mo disk gumana daw un ...

... galing Davao... >_< sorry di ko alam...
guys meron nanaman bagong SRW kaso nga part 2 ng scramble commander
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