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Full Version: ACLR: Jester MkII
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ACLR: Jester MkII

Armoring Parts:
Head: BEETLE (0,0,8,2,0)
Core: CRONUS (0,3,7,0,0)
Arms: XS (3,0,3,4,0)
Legs: DINGO (0,8,0,2,0)

Internal Parts:
Booster: GULL (0,0,5,5)
Generator: LOTUS (output)
Radiator: ANANDA (cooling)

Attacking Parts:
Extension: RM
Inside: ---
Back R: RA
Arm R: ROC2
Hanger L: WRAITH

Optional Parts:

21) Dark Fairy
Base (0, 0, 20)
Aid (30)
Optional (40, 80, 90)
Detail (0, 0, 200)
Joint (0, 60, 70)
Weapons: Black or Blue

Energy defense is a bit lacking, just spam the NYMPHE so RM can be dropped off the AC, and if enemy's AP is actually lower than about 30%, you can drop the ROC2 and switch to PERYTON+WRAITH. Just spam the SLYPH if it still has ammo.
Changed the lefty SYLPH for the HP. Changed the DINGO into COUGAR2, boost speed didn't decrease when I changed COUGAR2. Changed the head into S4 (50-50 for shell and energy defense). Energy def increased and boost speed increased to 501.

Currently working on what to do with the ROC2. Maybe I should change it to eh.. DEMON or ROC4?

EDIT: Oh it's S4, not SR2, what the fck. Just another typo, I think.
Go with Roc4.
Try Macaque if it's ok with you...
Or Lemur if you still have lots os speed to spare...

HSLW user ka rin pala ha...
Wait, what's HSLW?
High Speed LightWeight...
Changed the arms to MACAQUE boost speed decreased by 10, still thinking about the ROC4 though, ayoko sana bumagal ng todo, lol.
Hindi naman ganun kabigat ang Roc4 eh...
Twice lang yata ng weight ng Peryton...
It's all up to you what to use...
Changed the right for the ROC4, somehow I forgot that I actually changed teh SYLPH for teh lighter HP.
ROC4 + HP + 69H in the hangers are very deadly. If you can get a good lock at your opponent at CQ and maintain it for a good amount of time while staying away from his line of fire, you pretty much have him nailed. Also I suggest going G91 and VULTURE2 to help power your EN weapons better and get some much needed acceleration essential for CQ. A very good design still though.
Changed the GULL into VULTURE2 (0,5,5,0).
Still thinking about changing the PERYTON into 69H.
Boost speed from 491 decreased to 476. Fine with me since the VULT2 has more accel.