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Panther (2 for max leg weight)
G91 (0,8,2)
BIRDIE2 (0,10,0,0)
ANANDA (0,0,10)
<!--QuoteBegin-NiX+Dec 13 2006, 07:57 PM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (NiX @ Dec 13 2006, 07:57 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin--> S4
Panther (2 for max leg weight)
G91 (0,8,2)
BIRDIE2 (0,10,0,0)
ANANDA (0,0,10)
69H [/quote:9e02d00de4]
I think its in this order:

Head: S4
Core: UL2
Arms: FL
Legs: Panther (2 for max leg weight)
Gen: G91 (0,8,2)
Booster: BIRDIE2 (0,10,0,0)
Radiator: ANANDA (0,0,10)
Ext: RM3
Back L: 69M
Back R: RA
Right arm: SP
Left Arm: HP
Left Hanger: 69H

Fixed Big grin

Anyway, its a highly aggresive AC which demands a lot from the pilot including OB mobility, targeting, and some guts to pull off an OB rush. I understand th 69M is for distraction purposes while the SP + handguns are the real damage dealers, but as I said, you'll need to be pretty brave to go into CQ with this machine. I think the F69 FCS would work best for this design rather than the 73H, and the VULTURE2 tuned all the way to heat might be manageable and more forgiving on your EN gauge (it also helps if you'll tune all your frame parts to cooling).

I have mixed feelings over the SP on this desgn though. While it is ineffective against some of the faster AI opponents, human VS may yield different results. I'll reserve my judgement till I see it in action Tongue.
While it is ineffective against some of the faster AI opponents

are you kidding? Big grin try dual SPs against rush whores like neo-oracle.
Hahah I just built this in a few minutes when I stayed in Tim's house for an hour a while ago... so yeah it's still kinda unrefined. LOL

Ineffective against the AI? I dunno... LIGER didn't seem to give me too much trouble with this... hahah.

At first I had an SP paired with a NIX... but I didn't like how the NIX took so long to reload. Then I tried dual SPs... it was okay but I didn't like the idea of having 2 shotguns... seemed too limited. So yeah I just went cookiecutter and placed HP with 69H in the hanger.

I guess you can add this to my "trainer" series of ACs... hahah. Yeah I'll have to see it in actual combat too.
<!--QuoteBegin-wanzerfreak+Dec 13 2006, 08:42 PM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (wanzerfreak @ Dec 13 2006, 08:42 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin--> are you kidding? Big grin try dual SPs against rush whores like neo-oracle. [/quote:aee670298c]
Well, I'm picturing a scenario where this AC's opponent plays defensively, where continuous backward movement would render the shotguns less effective than in their optimum range. Such opponents are NOVA RG in the VR arena where he adopts a defensive stance (A continuous backward dash) when you try to rush him.

Seeing that this AC is meant to be used offensively because of its short ranged weapons, I'm just skeptical over the effectiveness of the SP against back-pedalling opponents. Tongue
Well... for backpedallers... I dunno yet. That's why there's OB though. And the AC is pretty fast in itself so chasing them down shouldn't be too hard. If that still fails, I can spam the 69M for all it's worth. Hahah
Lol NiX... this frame looks mighty familiar. Or another version of it anyways. Wink

Having tried out the SP for myself, I'm on the same boat as Leperman here. Against backpedallers, this thing will fail. Light frame, light defenses... all while rushing into the range of the enemy while they're continuously getting out of yours. Backpedallers can't really be flanked completely, either.

But that's the thing. Play this against a relatively forgiving person and the matches are sure to be fun. Plus there's always the HP and 69H to reach them from midrange.
Well... I just wanted to make an AC that wasn't really my style... without being too extreme. Tongue

Well as for the backpedaller thing, backpedalling pretty much OWNS LR anyway, so there's no real way around it.

So yeah... this AC is definitely just for one of those fun-oriented afternoons... and like I said, you can probably add this to my series of "trainer" ACs.

It's definitely still in the prototype stage though because I was only able to use this against LIGER for around 3 rounds. Will test in human vs when I can, and I will then make the necessary modifications.
I dont have much to say about this outside what has been said already.

I have tried dual SGs before, i didnt like it tho so the SG and HP should work tho.
If you're looking for a name, I have several:
Steel Rain

If you're looking for suggestions, well.... My PS2 broke =(
if your into rushing swap the 69M for KINNARA or KARURA and fire them up close. move the SP to the left arm and the more precious HP to the right.
Heh, looks like something that I would see on kai(hell it IS something that I would see on kai).

S4(Love it!)
UL2(Switch it to U/L)
FL(Its a keeper)
Panther(Common but good choice)
F73H(Limpet could work better here, but this is fine)
G91(Personally I'd go lotus if you whore out the OB, but this is fine)
BIRDIE2(V2 or gull should go here if you switch out to G91)
ANANDA(Standard Issue)
RM3(I'd replace this with RM or gar)
RA(Standard Issue for radarless heads)
SP(Love it!)
69H(Not bad)


For an AC like this, your gonna need alot of power from your OB core so that you can close in for the attack when you decide to rush, not to mention that the sudden thrust of power from U/L is ALOT better then what you get from its successor, so OB drifting becomes a viable option.


I don't mind the G91 if you plan on keeping birdie2 on this AC, but like I said above, switch out to Lotus if you whore out the OB.

Birdie2=>V2 or gull:

Again if you switch out G91, go with these to booster options. V2 tuned to 0/4/6/0 gives your good power and accel, and gull(10 heat) is good for its low usage drain and respectable power.

RM3=>RM or Gar:

Personally you dont need the excess weight from RM3. RM or gar are better choices here.

Well thats all I have to say, hope this is useful to ya.
Blessed seems to have covered it up pretty nicely, but I will say this

When you say something like this

G91>Lotus, even though you mean to say switch g91 for the Lotus, it kinda gives the impression that you are saying that the G91 is greater than the Lotus on this particular AC. you could make your Arrows like this: --> or this ==> to prevent confusion
Edited. Sorry bout that XD
np, just glad to help Big grin
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