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Full Version: alpha prime or valiant omega
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it's been a long time since I posted a design, so I present you with this...
another two faced AC (if you don't know what I'm talking about. look for kampilan, itak or gulok in this design forum)
I don't think it's too obvious what I did...

head eye3- none
ul2 (+5 cooling, +5 solid def)
| 92XS 1/0/2/7/0
cougar2 (10max weight)
gr91 (+10 output)
vulture2 0/7/3/0
ananda (+10 cooling)
Ex rm3 -both
Rs 75mt -alpha
Ls kinnara-valiant
Ra 98l -alpha
La bp-valiant
Rh 69h-none
Lh 69h-none

Optional Parts: AMINO | ES | EC | LA | L+ | CODON | GOLGI-

valiant mode

alpha mode

anyway.... both AC's received the eye3 to get rid of the RA radar

I chose the XS vs the macaque due to the energy requirement of the 98L

legs are tuned to weight max to make sure everything fit (could be improved)

both AC's lose their primary handgun. the ghost2 and the hp and goes straight to the hangared 69H

the playstyle of the two modes are different. the valiant mode is more "distract the enemy with kinnaras and close in with the BP". while the alpha mode is a range control fighter.

the valiant keeps the medusa
the alpha keeps the golgi

I used the alpha's optional parts
Optional Parts: AMINO | ES | EC | LA | L+ | CODON | GOLGI

kudos to the one who first notices what I did here

The Alpha model looks a whole helluva lot like my Alpha Omega that i posted up, only exception was the the Eye3 instead of the S2+RA so I have no complaints, heck your XS tunes are exactly like mine

You did however forget to put the FCS up there for your design Tongue
sorry bout that... MONJU

look closer my friend... especially at the name Roll eyes
anyway... I just tried to combine 2 AC's from this thread into one design .

namely, crimson's alpha omega and wanzer's valiant prime.

crimson-that's why it looked familiar to you LOL

just realized I used the 1st model of the valiant prime without revisions. oh well... LOL
all facts to the left (gosh i love saying that), why did you decide to choice my Alpha Omega and Wanzer's Valiant Prime?
both had similar frames.... It would be very hard for me to combine a heavy with a light weight. Will try to mix up 2 similar quads in the future.
looking forward to see that. Big grin