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Full Version: Alpha Omega
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AC Name: Alpha Omega

Core Frame:
Head | Core | Arms | Legs
S2 | UL2 | 92XS | COUGAR2
1/0/2/7/0 | 0/5/0/5/0 | 1/0/2/7/0 | 0/0/5/5/0

Internal Systems:
Booster | FCS | Generator | Radiator
0/7/3/0 | N/A | 0/7/3 | 0/0/10

Armaments and Countermeasures:
Insides | Extensions | Back Unit R | Back Unit L
N/A | RM3 | RA | 75MT
Arm R | Arm L | Hanger R | Hanger L
98L | HP | 69H | 69H

Optional Parts: AMINO | ES | EC | LA | L+ | CODON | GOLGI
Hrm... yeah this looks really good too. All the weapons and parts are top-tier.

If you can though, try tuning your VULTURE2 to at least 5 points for booster heat so that OB becomes more workable.

Also, why the MONJU? Since you're using a one-lock missile pack, F73H should work just fine while giving you a bigger lockbox.

Otherwise, everything looks good to go!
I have the monju over the 73H because of Range. This isnt exactly the more proficient close range combatant in the world, lol.

The monju provides me with more range and a faster lock time so that I can spam and drop the MT faster to increase speed.

Heat from the Vulture2 doesnt hurt me much because I usually OB when im in a favorable spot and i know I wont get shot while charging.

I also considered the Birdie2 over the V2 as well, thoughts/second opinions?
there's little difference if your talking about range. 73H=475, MONJU=530, and your weapon's max range is 500. but MONJU's faster lock time is definitely greater than 73H.
and since this ac doesnt feel too heavy, try Birdie2.
I have been testing them both and performance and tactics vary greater depending on the booster.

With the Vulture2, since it has greater power, I dont have to use OB as much to get into position for attacking although it is still pretty safe to OB with this booster on here.

With the Birdie2, you can OB alot more due to the lower drain of the booster and you can get shot more (dont recommend it, but you can still withstand shots better) while charging for the OB.

So, depending on the booster, play style may change.