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Full Version: Bakulaw
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77A (Change to FA to make it competitive)
VULTURE2 (10 heat reduction)
G91 (10 output)
ANANDA (10 cooling)
GAR (FUNI drains too much)

Options: Both screens, Stability + (Replace with others when using the FA), FCS +, KISSYOH, CODON, Radar +

Drop either the MV2s or the KINNARA + GAR

Born out of the need to counter rusher type ACs (Hard hitting light and middle-weights armed with close range, high damage rate weapons) and to be able to engage targets at mid-range, this AC was purpose built to be played defensively while still be able to carry out limited offensive strikes. It does pretty well against close range opponents especialy thanks to the SELENA which increases its close range firepower, while the RL + RLA hits opponents at mid range along with the missile systems equiped.

Weaknesses: Long range snipers and accurate verts, particularly the 98L. Long range snipers are typically light to middle weight ACs, which can easily dance around Linear rifle shots and the MV2s even in bursts while taking pot-shots at the AC, where damage can build up (Like the RS or another accurate solid shell weapon system). I singled out the 98L because it shares the same characteristics as the RS except that it targets the main weakness of all heavies: their poor energy defense. The 98L spells death for this AC when used by a compitent player who knows how to control distance. The FA partially solves this problem because of its higher mobility and energy defense, but its often not good enough against such weapons and the level of skill of the opponents using them.

So yeah, there is still a need for a direct firing long range weapon which only the RS or 98L can fulfill (Maybe the HOLLOW but only to a limited extent) or maybe a missile system of some sort besides the ones equiped.

EDIT: Name changed to Wanzerfreak's suggestion.
finally! Big grin


mv2 - keep it or switch to your trademark mv to shave off some pounds.
kinnara - devastating surprise weapon at mid range, but i think you might wanna consider nymphe or 69m+rm3.

optionals: remove ss. replace with la. remove l+ as well to make way for the marishi. with the marishi on, you can divert some of the cooling tunes to en def. you can also divert some of the heat reduction tunes on the vulture2 to power.

i would also recommend the use of the humanoid a2 to solve your en def problems but it'll end up looking like this <a href='' target='_blank'>COPYCAT. </a> LOL
My perspective: <a href='' target='_blank'></a>
Twin-Skies' perspective: <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

EDIT: Part 2

TS' view: <a href='' target='_blank'></a>
My view: <a href='' target='_blank'></a>

Yay! A fight vid!!! (More will be added soon. Twin-Skies also says hi to everyone, as he hasn't been able to post recently due to his work.)

Anyway, I changed the legs back to the FA and the EYE3 for the fight, as it allows for better mobility and EN defense, plus allowing the AC to go on to the offensive (I have to go all out against someone like TS), but it can easily be changed back to the EYE4 + 77A whenever I want to.

I'm actualy liking the MV2 because it really makes it harder for the opponent to dodge verts, meaning if you launch one it will get your opponent's attention, which buys the AC some time to get into the proper position to launch a barage of gunfire. On the otherhand, I use the KINNARA + GAR as a surprise-shotgun weapon at mid-short range or as a 'smoke screen' to hide other offensive strikes, the single lock of the KINNARA allows it to be deployed instanstaniously compared to the multi-lock NYMPH + RM3 which takes time before its able to launch a salvo. Well, I could also put ground trorps instead of the MV2 for anti-quad goodness Tongue.

As for option parts, the 77A has inferior stability compared to the FA at around 7K (While the FA goes to around 9K), so I felt it was neccessary to add the extra stability option, but yeah its prolly no biggie if I removed that option part and replaced it with the MARISHI for extra cooling.
grabeh. the firepower on this thing is overwhelming.....

parang yung cheat ng starcraft Big grin
i think this deserves a better name:


the Halimaw's nastier brother. after seeing how one burst of the rl+rla+selena EO combo bit off a huge chunk of AP from twin skies' quad, i think this beast deserves it. Big grin
Gawa ka naman next time ng isa pa...

Tapos pangalan nya Kalabaw...

Worship Worship

Angas nga laban~!
<a href='' target='_blank'>May KALABAW na yata</a>

Meron na nga no...
Eh di Tamaraw...
Tapos Green and Yellow-orange yung scheme...