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Full Version: JASP-00 Cobalt: AbsoluteZero
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AC Name: AbsoluteZero
Weight and Class: Variable Humanoid

[HD]H11-QUEEN [0-5-2-3-0]
[CR]CR-C75U2 [0-2-4-4-0]
[AR]CR-A88FG [0-4-6-0-0]
[LG]CR-LH80S2 [0-0-0-0-10]

[BR]CR-B83TP [0-0-5-5]
[GN]CR-G91 [0-10-0] / KONGOH [1-6-3]
[RD]ANANDA [0-0-10] / CR-R92 [0-0-10]

[IN][N/A] [N/A]
[RB]WB19M-HYDRA2 [White]
[LB]WB03R-SIREN [White]
[RA]WR05L-SHADE [White]
[LA]KATEN [White] / WH09H-WRAITH [Yellow]
[RH]WH09H-WRAITH [Yellow]
[LH]CR-WL88LB3 [White]


[R] [B]000 [A]150 [O]150 [D]200 [J]150
[G] [B]100 [A]150 [O]150 [D]000 [J]150
[B] [B]200 [A]150 [O]150 [D]000 [J]150

I've been using this as my staple since Ninebreaker...
Legs got nerfed... Damn... But it's ok, it's still performs the same way as the original...
The parts after the slashes are the optional equipment, which I use more often (except for the left arm Wraith...)
And yes, It's my first variable AC...
The TP is cheap to me and outclasses all other boosters in terms of speed and power, but when it comes to drain, its down right dreadful. I prefer the Vulture2 over it. Plus the TP doesnt combine well with the G91 or Kongoh because of the heat the TP produces, albeit the G91 would be a better option over the Kongoh if u wanna use the TP.

Swap arms for the XS for its lower drain since the S2 legs arent the most drain efficient things in the world.

Go with the Monju.

Siren --> RA, but you dont really need a back radar since you are using the Queen

You dont need the energy magazine if your using the Shade. Go with the RM3 to combo with the Hydra2.

Optional parts wise:
-Drop the histon, ribose, r+ and Organelle for the Codon, LA, and L+ It will help in the long run.

Thats all I have as of right now.
Definitely keep the TP if you're going for a blade, as it will help the design with its defensive movement while tuning it all the way to reducing heat, which IMO maximizes its risk reducing effects. As for the generator/radiator combination, both are pretty good and useable with the booster system. However I would use the KONGOH + R92 (or even ANANDA 'might' be workable) in conjunction with an energy weapon as the KONGOH's refresh rate would contribute to the weapon's sustainability whille allowing you to use an EN weapon (with reasonable drain) with ease. The G91 + ANANDA is suited for a more general purpose, involving less risk, just don't couple it with an EN weapon since I don't think the G91 can power both the TP and an EN weapon at the same time.

The generator/radiator combination will also affect the style of play you'll be using because of their inherent advantages and disadvantages. The KONGOH + R92 will do well in a defensive playstyle, allowing you do dodge and counter indefinitely, while the G91 + ANANDA will allow for some distance movement because of its battery life, allowing you to do more offensive playstyles.

As for weapons, I think the HYDRA2 + RMG might be effective against LONG range targets, I'll need vs. testing to verify this though. The JIKYOH is, well, I feel that its outclassed by other missile relations simply because its indirect arc is inacurate compared to the back mounted verts.

The SHADE can be substituted easily with the 93RL unless you're trying to avoid that. The RL can be better than the SHADE if you're going for an offensive playstyle as it does not drain energy from your EN gauge, the SHADE on the other hand, is better suited for a defensive playstyle.

As for FCS' try VOLUTE, F73H, LIMPET, MONJU. Just try and see which one fits your needs.
Ask AEA! how it feels against this... Hehehe (yabang eh no)...
Sayang di ako makakaresbak...
Layo venue...