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Full Version: Gnadenlos
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Trying to make a viable build for 3v3 stuff but the projectiles are a little too slow, so I opted it for close-ranged quarters. I'm torn between the REDSHIFT coral lasers or LRB because I kind of want to prioritize energy surplus over weight. The SPD booster is there because I can't really dodge and move properly while always having to swap weapons every after shot, but I don't think it'll matter with less than 300 speed.

[Image: UOILh5m.jpg]
The plasma rifle is there for AoE and ACS damage for the most part, and I'm leaning on LRB over the REDSHIFT lasers due to it having more stagger uncharged.

Here's an earlier version of the build in action, it uses REDSHIFT and LRB with a circulating generator. I switched to the NGI-000 coral gen in case I needed to fly and chase someone in mid-air.

Played a few rando 3v3 matches with the updated design, seems like its consistently doing alright. The only problem is still making everything operate smoothly with the shoulder buttons being pressed every time a shot has been made.
It's been nice having had the pleasure of being melted by this.
That bot is cool as shit. I'm firmly onboard with the LRB agenda.