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Full Version: The Armored Core Podcast - A Community Cast
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Feel free to give input, thoughts, criticism, etc.

We do this podcast about once a month with a variety of topics, and with guests too! If you're interested in being on the show feel free to let us know.

Episode 0

Episode 1

Episode 2
Oh hey nice. That's one more podcast I'm gonna listen to.

It'd be fun to be part of the show and I'd drag Nix in too if he has time to do one. Let us know what topics to discuss in advance so maybe we can have stuff to talk about in the show. Due to a length of inactivity, we'll prolly be able to talk about the Pre-PS3 AC games with greater depth compared to AC4 up until VD.
We'd be happy to have you guys as guest!

Usually how we do topics is we figure them out beforehand, then we decide on the guests. This way we make sure that whoever we pick has a specialty/ is able to talk about said topics. Obviously it wouldn't help if we had a 3rd gen and invited a purely 4th gen player Tongue
In that case, I can prolly talk about the following topics (with a few interesting stories thrown between them):

-Pre-Online Armored Core PvP (Particularly in the PS2 era of AC games).
-The formation of Raven Republic, and by extension Armored Core here in the Philippines.
-Organizing an offline tournament for Armored Core.

I can also touch a bit upon the Armored Core community in California (The ones responsible for the Master of California tournament series), and some Japanese tournaments (From Soft's sponsored Battle Arena 2004 for AC:NX)
Has it been that long? The Armored Core Podcast makes its return after a year hiatus, bringing a two hour special talking about AC design/concepts over the years as well as the difficult topic of balancing 5th Gen Armored Core. Featuring Sash, Ostardva, and FromCheng.