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Full Version: LR: Zweihander
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Broke out AC:LR again for a school assignment, thought I should try throwing some of the never-used parts together into a working AC.

AC Name: Zweihander

CR-H81S4 3,1,3,3,0
CR-C83UA 5,2,0,3,0
A01-GALAGO 3,1,3,3,0
LT03-GRIZZLY 3,3,0,0,4
KONGOH 3,0,7
RAGORA 3,7,0

Parts Colours:
-Base: 130,130,130
-Aid: 130,100,60
-Optional: 60,70,80
-Detail: 190,140,30
-Joint: 85,80,70
All weapons yellow.

Hover tank design focusing on mobility and close-range firepower. Works well against light and middle weights, but less effective against better armed heavy weights. Covers matter a lot with this AC as it has relatively little ammo and no long-range weapons.

Zweihänders are two handed longswords developed in the Late Middle Ages, supposedly used to guard standard (flag) bearers and to crack open pike lines. They are relegated to ceremonial purposes at the end of the Renaissance, and have become increasingly ornate and heavy as time went on (hence the white and gold colour scheme).
Kinda lacking the heavy hitting aspect of the Zwei. Probably swap the CGH for the LGL for added stun. Also how does kongoh cope under pressure, especially with a less mobile platform?
Ugh, guess the name does not really make sense as it is really shredding the target with flurries of (still hard hitting) cuts instead of the deliberate, rhythmic pace of the longsword. LOL

Would have went with LG, as that thing has a really nice recoil, but it is still weaker than the in the long run than the LGL. 'Suppose LGL is the go-to choice for hover tanks then, as long as the results are different from Cheapskate. Maybe change the chaingun out for the LGL, and the SYLPH to M2? I would still like to keep the under-weighed aspect to this AC, so no dual bazookas for me.

KONGOH fare surprisingly well under fire, paired with the RAGORA it can recover very quickly from most mishaps, unless the opponent is packing the CETUS (primary fire) or H3 pistols. Gen-busts should not happen at all unless the player activates the extensions at the wrong time.
S4, UA, Grizzley and CGH are all pretty decent parts. In the UA's case it's an incredible part, although you always want OB on tanks for lateral movement to control range.

I used a tank with the CGH for a while and since then switched to 98G, but CGH can work on a very fast tank. The type of speed I'm talking about though is the LHT legs and OB core.

You could replace the UA with an OB core and head to something with radar so you can get another cannon on there-- like an LGL or GLL.
Interesting, from what I can see here, your setup is this:

CR-F73H (?)
ANANDA (Cannot be the R92 with that refresh rate)
- (?)
- (?)

You are only activating the OB when not boosting (falling or on the ground), thus avoiding hard start-ups. Body parts are medium or lighter, how is defence with that build?
Around 1950/1650.