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Full Version: LR: Weapon tiers
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A long while ago i found on some forum a tier list someone made of all the weapons in the game for the arms.
I do not remember who made it but this is here for the discussions.
i pasted it in my dropbox and put it here for everyone to see.
(Please click download on the site for the full view, this is horribly small)

My question is, do you guys agre with the pic?
and if not, what do you guys find more better or worse weapons?

I think a lot of them are higher or lower than i should be but i could be wrong and this is a perfect tier list.
What weapons do you not agree with?
kinda looks jumbled IMO
It's a pretty straight-forward presentation. Things higher up are higher tier, things lower down are lower tier. Things to the right are easier to incorporate and use, while things to the left are harder to incorporate and use.
pretty interesting list. not surprised at the best ones though. lol.
What yourmom said is it yeah, the more it is to the right the easier it is for an AC to use it without building the AC for that weapon and the higher the better it is.
As for weapons i disagree with, i will say disagree is a big word, but the CR-WH05BP misses in my opinion too much as an example.
I was just curious on what weapons you guys agree or disagree on.
BP is a really good weapon and has very high accuracy and velocity for its damage. Easily top 10 in the game.

This is an updated version of the chart with all the weapons listed. There's still lots of room for fine-tuning, but the very top weapons are all pretty much universally agreed upon with a few tiny exceptions.
The new pic by your mom is pretty comprehensive. In general I agree with the what's competitive and not, but based on personal preference I'd put some things up and some things down (I'm not a fan of AST rifles for example, and I'd put the NIX just under the competitive level benchmark). I'd definitely agree on the 05BP's placement tho. It's my personal favorite weapon in the game.

One thing that could've been in a more comprehensive chart of all weapons are weapon arms. I'd put the CETUS and maybe the LEO, on the base-line competitive level but that's just me.

Also, any chart for back weapons? Tongue GL, LGL, and LADON would easily be in competitive tiers.
If I made back weapon chart Ladon would be in lowest third of it . Anybody who has speakers on their tv can dodge it; that gun literally tells you when it's going to fire. GL and LGL though, are so great.

Weapon arms are interesting, although don't think any of them would be higher than lower third/lower half of the chart. I don't remember any being good, and the mg arms only being passable.

I already see a lot of small things that need to be adjusted on the updated chat, particularly with amount of restrictiveness each weapon had, so a little bit of community feedback would make it overall more solid than it already is.
wow yourmom, you actually went ahead and made an updated version of the list?
I am really impressed, and i like the list as well, you really put some effort into this ^^
This thread made me lol

I applaud your mom for such a comprehensive chart, i agree with most of it but my disaproval for some weapons are trivial. Could be a matter of taste Smile
Our mom is actually pretty-no very knowledgeable in LR stats and basically LR know-how. always a good source for LR pvp anything. :p
(01-29-2014, 01:19 PM)R.Leonhardt Wrote: [ -> ]This thread made me lol

I applaud your mom for such a comprehensive chart, i agree with most of it but my disaproval for some weapons are trivial. Could be a matter of taste Smile

Small disagreements are great, especially for the lower half of the chart because I didn't spend as much time as I should on that. A small tweak here and a small tweak there will ultimately make it more solid of a chart.