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Full Version: The Wrestling Thread
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I did a search in General Discussion and the Television subforum and didn't come across any thread of the sort so I give you "The Wrestling Thread"! Seeing as I'm new here, I'm curious as to how many of you here are wrestling fans? From the extreme indies, the international superstars, to the entertaining pros I like to know what wrestling promotions you dig and why? We can also talk about other wrestlers or storylines. Anything wrestling related!

So who here are wrestlemaniacs!? Chair
Drop a line first at the Introductions thread and then we will talk about wrestling.
I'm glad you mentioned that. I did yesterday but now it isn't there. I don't know what's up with that but I'll do it again if it'll make you happy. Wink
It will make me happy indeed. Truthfully though, I do not care much for the wrestling stars of today. I still very much prefer the days when Andre the Giant, Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior prowled the ring.
I was a big Macho Man fan back when I was a kid and I was hardcore into it during the Monday Night Wars. Currently I don't have Satellite or Cable television at the moment, so I'm pretty dependent on the Internet for my fix. I like watching the main promotions but don't have a particular favorite between WWE or TNA at the moment. As for independent promotions, I'd have to say my favorite would have to be Chikara based out of Pennsylvania. I'm a Lucha Libre/Puroresu and comic book kind of guy and this company does an excellent job fusing the 3 together.
I only watch north american wrestling mainly for Punk and Bryan.
LOVE Puro though! but apparently NOAH's about to fold?
Really liked the Tanahashi vs. Okada feud in NJPW, this past year.

Mainly just watch japanese wrestling which include my favourites, cause I can't understand japanese. Big grin