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Full Version: Pacific Rim
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Rocket Punch. Seriously.

Reminds me of Mazinger Z/ Super Robot Wars in general, and Robot Jox.

I am interested!

Can't understand the youtube comments saying its like Eva ... doesn't connect that well for me.
Subliminal messages telling us they need able bodied soldiers to pilot death-machines to defend Earth against giant alien overlords this coming Dec. 21, 2012/Whenever doomsday comes along.

I em suuu in.

Also omg I hear GlaDOS XD
lol I thought its another roland emmerich movie LOL

For some reason the Gate of Hell song starts ringing in my head.
Just wondering, are the mechs piloted remotely?

I guess I'm wrong according to these "leaked documents"
Is it just me or the Australian Jaeger named "eureka" resembles Nirvash a bit..
The Cherno Alpha reminds me of the ZOCK from Gundam XD

And so far I like the Eureka best, haha.
Just saw the trailer. We seriously need to watch this. LOL
im in. XD
(03-22-2013, 06:00 PM)J.E_Magog Wrote: [ -> ]Del Toro Hates You

The hell!LOL
They ate our politicians! Kaiju took a dump!
Dat wrong spelling.

Also lol XD
The main website has been releasing posters of the mechs for the past several days, one mech per day.

[Image: PRgypsydanger.jpg]

[Image: PRstrikereureka.jpg]

[Image: PRchernoalpha.jpg]

[Image: PRcoyotetango.jpg]

[Image: PRcrimsontyphoon.jpg]
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