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Full Version: Gimme comments XD
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haha. I never knew I would find another forum that lets people post fanfics again. XD

oh well. I'll be posting some of my works every now and then. inspiration comes out of nowhere sometimes and it would be a waste not to let people comment on them.

feedback is very welcome! Clapping
You+Trace=One shot ero-manga. Kewl!
I'm not the type of person who likes to read, but the NSFW tag caught my attention Tongue. I enjoyed reading the short piece really, and I liked the subtle hints of emotion left unsaid, but were powerfully understood by the characters (cheesy comment on my part Smile). Heck, it did genuinely feelt something out of an eroge Tongue

In the end, I was glad to be able to read this short piece, as much as I don't read fics. I'm glad I came across this one, and I look forward to reading your other works Tongue
Thanks guys! XD

I'll try to post another as soon as inspiration kicks in once again XD
Please do continue. Bitin talaga! Big grin

I really like how you captured the very anime theme in your stories.
Feedback is welcome.

Also it will help me keep on working on my writing. Chair
wtf this aint a erotic forum
Did a fail split and merge on the thread. Spartan, you post comments here, not on the fic thread itself Tongue

Also, it's perfectly fine to post those things as long as it is tasteful and tagged with a warning appropriately.
I already sent him a message... in old-school AC mail format!

As for the fanfic (that NSFW-tagged one); same as Rick. Enjoyed reading it, but not in a malicious way. Cheesy as it seems, but the earlier parts of post #2 were prolly the best parts imo. I'll go read the other one when time permits it. Been busy practicing people and other organics in my sketchpad for the past few weeks. It just so happened that the NSFW tag in the title piqued my curiosity too. LOL
So it really comes to that NSFW tag. Haha!

Still, thanks for the comments. Lucky I was able to find the first half of Confessions and before I knew was typing it out. o_O

Glad it ended up being worth it. :3
That was even hotter than anything i've ever written before. Woot
(01-04-2012, 03:56 PM)Fox Wrote: [ -> ]That was even hotter than anything i've ever written before. Woot

But death and destruction is hot too.

It was a good read. What attracted me was the formatting since it didn't hurt mt eyes. Isa pa.

Death and destruction huh. XD

Thanks for the comments.

Still practicing and trying to get my own writing skills down, and well its been fun. I don't know, I am enjoying it.

And dang it, I got sidetracked from False Messiah again.

Looks like another One-shot is on its way. XD
The new NSFW work caught my attention, and it did not disappoint. Like I always say, I don't really read, but it was definitely worth it. Good job! Big grin

Sort of difficult to conjure images in my head using words though, haha.

Well, I experimented on this one. I don't know. Guess it still came out nice? XD

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