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Due to my early exit. My AC saw limited combat on the day of the tournament. So guys, I beg your indulgence in showcasing my AC in it's own thread. :bigsmile:

though not as impressive as halimaw and osiris omega... I tried to make a tournament quality AC with flexibility as my baseground for designing.

Pilot name - AEA1
AC Name - Itak

EYE3 - 50 solid defense, 50 energy defense
UL2 - 50 solid defense, 50 energy defense
A72F - 50 weight, 50 energy defense
cougar2 - 100 max leg weight

Internal and motive parts
GULL - 100 booster heat
G91 - 100 energy output
ANANDA - 100 cooling



Frame colors - black (what he said, i just gave it a black paint scheme with green eyes)
Weapon colors - all black

As expected from me. This is a multi-faced AC.

1. left hand style Rusher
Left hand Ksaw + Right 69H + Nymphe + RM3 + (hangared elf3)

2. tactical sniper
RS sniper + MV2 + RM3 + elf3 + hangered (right 69H)

I only fought 2 opponents in the tourney proper, Azuma and twin skies.
So my analysis data is kinda limited (2 matches):excited: di rin ako naka-free play... so again... I kinda missed out some. indulge me :excited:

match 1
My match with Azuma was very much a surprise. who would have thought that the fenrir go go head to head against the Ksaw?It Broke my Core in 2 hits. which ended in an abrubt loss. I ended up going sniper for the next two rounds. ( I intentionally brought him to the military district where vertical missiles have the advantage) I planned to use "paper" (tama ba nix?) to fight him this time. The MV2 and RM3 did most of the damage, while the RS is used for keep away. It bagged me my two wins.

match 2
twin skies was a monster. I never beat him before, even in practice, in our session in circuit city, never.... so when I saw I was up against him. I said "it's the end of the line for me" LOL

on both rounds I used the rusher mode of my AC... to hit him fast and hard with the Ksaw and swarms of missiles at the same time. I honestly believe that this was the right choice, as twin skies' railgun would make make short-work of a sniper. (dissenting opinions?)

I intentionally brought him to born ciy where whe will be forced to engage me in short/mid range. but alas, it came down to a battle of skill where peek-a-boo tactics played a big part. Most of my missiles and Ksaw bolts ended up eating buildings. But I take pride in the fact that I brought him down to 1000+ AP. that's a personal best for me vs twinskies Roll eyes good job on your win dude.

Thank you for indulging me and hearing the rants of a defeated raven :tongue:

But all that matters is... the tournament was a success, everybody had fun, and the republic is going strong.

expecting the next tournament to be even better. expect a better AC from me next time.
The 'Doble Kara' AC... looks very solid once you pick one mode to play with. I saw this thing perform, and it's not too bad. Only thing for me would be to fix the leg tunes somewhat. Invest some in defense. You're dropping stuff anyway, so the ridiculous overweightedness at the beginning of the match won't matter much. Even with it's base leg capacity stats, Cougar2 can handle the weight of either mode.
Believe it or not, when I first looked through the competition, this was one of the designs that I seeded as a threat.

I agree with Mix in that it'd help to tune Cougar2 more for defense. Max ground boost speed really isn't that important unless you do a lot of dash-boosting.


You might want to change GULL to something like VULTURE2. GULL+G91 is really dangerous especially for an OB core. It's either that or you change G91 to FUDOH or LOTUS.

Now I'm not sure if you have enough weight for it, but I think this can actually be a 3-faced AC. I don't really have a PS2 with me right now but this may be possible:

Mode 1:
KRSW+69H+NYMPHE+RM3 (+hangered ELF3)

Mode 2:
RS+MV2+RM3+ELF3 (+hangered 69H)

Mode 3:
RS+KRSW (+hangered 69H and ELF3)

Try it out if that 3rd mode is possible. I know for a fact that RS+KRSW plus your hangers is more than enough to kill any AC.

Oh and as a side-note, the regular MV does just as well as the MV2 for a lot less weight. You might wanna try it out for this. Also, using CODON for this will probably be more rewarding than the GOLGI.

EDIT: I just realized that a fourth mode is actually possible for this AC:

69H+ELF3+RM3+NYMPHE+MV for a missile-boat version.

Pretty cool. I'll try making an AC that has as much variability as this one.

*edits in bold.
thanks for the input.

Yes, I tried it. A third and fourth mode is possible. but unfortunately I'm not skilled enough to use it.

third mode
dual gunner
RS+KRSW (+hangered 69H and ELF3)

the combined RS and KRSW is very formidable, however, it also gives me a very small lock box. (hirap gamitin Wacko ) As opposed to the first 2 modes. It also takes precision and patience to wait for the double lock. As opposed to the spam and shoot of the KRSW/nymphe combo of the 1st mode.

So... until I become more skilled... I'll leave the dual gunning to the masters :excited:

fourth mode
missile boat
I contemplated using this config, if I ever come face to face with a tank. It's not the harpy2, but it will do. If I ever get tired of the first 3 modes. this is a nice change. just fire and forget.

A variation of this is
A stripped down blader
Sorry if I suggested to replace GOLGI with CODON. Now that I think about it, it's probably better if you have both GOLGI and CODON.

So you can probably have your ops like this:


If you really end up losing energy because of the KRSW, then keep the PHAGE. However, if not, it'll probably be better if you have MARISHI + KISSYOH or MARISHI + RIBOSE + R+