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Full Version: JASp01-GOLD Luminesque
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AC Name: Luminesque
Serial Code: JASp01-GOLD

H02-WASP2 [0-1-5-4-0]
C03-HELIOS [0-6-1-3-0]
A05-LANGUR [0-2-8-0-0]
LH06-JAGUAR [0-5-0-0-5]

B03-VULTURE2 [0-3-2-5]
G01-LOTUS [0-10-0]
ANANDA [0-0-10]

CR-WB69RA, WB01M-NYMPHE [Yellow]
N/A,N/A [N/A]


165 145 085
150 150 150
200 200 200
150 000 200
075 075 075
I apologize for not being to post a critique sooner. Tongue


The design is pretty useable, but I'm thinking it wont last very long, either. It all starts with the whole weapon and generator setup. You've got two energy weapons out there, and only the Lotus to hold it all in, without the EC optional part. Plus, you've got OB (granted, it's in the Helios so OB is actually good and efficient, but still). There's not going to be a lot left for the main guns. For the remainder of the time after OB use you're left boost hopping, striking in midrange with missiles (which are good on this frame, BTW). Add to that the fact that the Hollow isn't very accurate at all, no matter how low it drains.

It takes patience to use this design, but like I said, it's useable.

If you want to go even further, I'd suggest G91 on a standard core, so that all of your energy (well, most of it anyway) is dedicated to firing the Hollow and chasing down opponents.
First and foremost, I like the concept of this design. Especially since this has the Hollow on it. Designs with that are welcome. Oh, and sorry, too, for the delayed comment. I've been on AC break for a while.

First of, on the ops, this is my suggestion: Amino, ES, SS, Organelle, Codon, Golgi, R+, Marishi.

Next, I'd suggest swapping Wasp2 to Eye3, Jaguar to Jaguar2, Lotus to G91. Then, take out the RA on the back. Put in GAR, instead of RM. Everything else pretty much stays. This setup would give the AC the much needed energy to maintain boosting plus shooting the Hollow, higher attack potential, and in occasion, OB around. I noticed that the AC would work best (at least in my hands) by keeping the range game, then moving in with the blade when best called for. But, as much as possible, keep the distance. That's why I swapped all those things.

Lastly, though I like the Hollow, the Shade or the Shade2 would probably be a more practical weapon for actual combat. But of course, I'd still suggest the Hollow for the AC itself since, well, it's original. And, it's still a good weapon.
Ditto. What Maitreya said. Wink