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Full Version: ExA05-Exousia
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AC Name: Power
Serial Code: ExA-05-EXOU

YH13-LONGHORN [0-3-3-4-0]
CR-C89E [0-2-3-5-0]
CR-A89AG [0-4-3-3-0]
CR-LH96FA [0-4-3-3-0]

B05-GULL [0-10-0-0]
CR-G69 [0-10-0]
ANANDA [0-5-5]

N/A, CR-E82SS2 [N/A]
CR-WB72M2, WB26O-HARPY [Blue]
CR-WH01SP, CR-WL06LB4 [Yellow]
N/A, N/A [N/A]

OB-less heavy. First off, what these need IMO is a weapon that can strike accurately from medium to long range, or at least stun the opponent long enough for you to move in with the big damage. To that effect, I'd switch the SP to the RL or a rifle of some sort, maybe an RS, if you're not inclined to chasing down enemies (which, you won't be really able to do with the speed of this frame Tongue).

I think the head could use a change too... maybe to Ladyb + RA if you're willing to ditch one of the backmounts (M2 gets my vote for getting kicked out), or just plain Ladyb if you're feeling brave.

Question on the tunes though: why tune Gull to power? Those points are much better used in investing them in acceleration, or cooling. Ananda too.
Yep. Definitely tune GULL for acceleration or booster heat or both. Definitely tune ANANDA all the way for cooling.

SP is a shotgun, right? Shotguns are terrible primary weapons for heavies because they need to be shot from up-close, and heavies simply have a hard time moving in for the kill. I'd also recommend something other than the LB4 because as it is, most of your weapons, including the EO, are close-range weapons. The slow speed and short range of this AC will prove to be a serious disadvantage against a fast-moving AC with accurate weapons.

last thing: since you don't have OB, the ORGANELLE doesn't seem necessary. I don't think LA is necessary either. CODON is probably a better investment.
I decided to change the combo to dual Spread Bazookas...
Have to use them once at a time though...
dual spread zooks are fun on a jouster, type a controls, and urchins. Big grin