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Full Version: Officium
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Officium (obligation)

[Image: Officium.jpg]

frame parts
EYE - 20 cooling, 40 shell defense, 40 energy defense
E2 - 40 weight, 20 shell defense, 20 energy defense, 10 max arm weight
LEMUR - 20 cooling, 80 weight
DINGO - 20 cooling, 40 shell defense, 40 energy defense

internals and motive parts
VULTURE2 - 100 booster heat
G91 - 100 energy output
ANANDA - 30 energy drain, 70 cooling



In keeping with the sorta- renaissance that LR is going through right now with RR, i've been experimenting with a couple of new frames lately. Aside from the tank that i've been working on, i was also kinda curious as to how a machine-gun and shotgun combo would work out. Hence this frame here. Not sure yet though if the shotgun is better off on the right hand or the left.

Still trying to get this one to work. Need suggestions and comments for this one
I imagine this thing is designed to get into range with other ACs of the same size and bigger, and chew them up. A combination of heavy armor and high DPS weapons try to achieve this goal while having some moderate mobility to close the distance.

LIMPET is better for FCS, MIROKU is only good for single locks Tongue

I'm not sure how much of a swarm damage the MG + SG combo along with EOs will do against a nimble opponent, though I'd imagine it doing quite well against heavier armored and slower ACs.
Sorry couldn't try it out before I left the house. I will later when I get back.

What I can tell you right now is to try the 2 lighter left shotguns. I feel they're more worth their weight than the SP.

And try squeezing more speed out of VULTURE2 by tuning more to boost/accel instead of heat. Maybe just allocated 3-4 points to heat.

For FCSes, you can refer to the FCS FAQ in our FAQ section to save yourself the guessing.

More later!
Thanks, guys, will wait for further suggestions.
Ok tried it out.

EYE (0,0,6,4,0)
E2 (0,2,5,3,0)
LEMUR (8,2,0,0,0)
DINGO (0,0,6,4,0)

GULL (0,0,6,4) OR VULTURE2 (0,5,3,2)
LOTUS (0,9,1) OR G91 (0,10,0)
ANANDA (0,0,10)

GAR (or any other missile extension)


Seems pretty ok at what it does. Fast enough to get in range for its weapons with decent enough defense to slug it out.
So i tried NiX's suggestions with the motive parts and other shotgun and Leperman's advice with the LIMPET... yeah, it performs better with those alternatives. Now that i've tested it out a bit more, i'd say it's alright, not that good but not bad either. It also taught me that shotguns aren't that easy to use... or that could just be my limitation as a pilot.

Well, i guess the next step for this experiment would be to try replacing the EO core with an OB one. That's gonna be harder since i can't overboost worth shit. Tongue
IIRC, the SP is heavy, has a slow reload, but is compensated by its good spread and damage.
It would've been better if we could put the Pixie3 on the left [kaso hindi pwede eh it's right arm only] and the SP on the right, that would even things out a bit because the shotgun would have a higher response time.

I can only dream of trying this out, but I could say the spray the combined Pixie3 and SP wouldn't be great, but is enough to chip off AP.
Defense-wise, the V2 isn't hot at all. Go for 3 to heat or power, rest to accel to help with getting out quicker after rushing in.
Dude's AP and defenses are good too. I'm guessing 1.8k+ shell def?

You should go for the OB core, and practice with it. Jousting is the way to go for this guy. Try the Atlas.
... I think.