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Full Version: Haurvaiti
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Screens, KISSYSOH, 079L+ are the non-negotiable options.

The following I'm considering: 71EC (gen charge expander), CODON (turn speed +), PHAGE (EN energy weapon -), HISTON (EN ROF +), MARISHI (cooling +), PHAGE (EN atk power +).

Name origin: Avestian verb for protection. To guard or to keep vigil over.

A fairly quick mid designed primarily with high-powered, accurate, and direct firing energy weapons.

Hang back, let the enemy come to you by pissing them off with missiles. Once within mid-range, use your energy weapons wisely. They are accurate and do a lot of damage that can cut through even the most heavily armored opponents. But if you abuse those weapons and you'll easily run out of energy. When the EN weapons run dry, use HGs and take advantage of your speed boost to finish off the opponent. As much as possible, never bring the fight to your opponent, let him come to you.

Now, I'm a bit satisfied with the current frame, but I just don't like the low AP on this thing, meaning that the AC has to go on the initiative to do some damage. However, I feel that nothing can be anything done about that without compromising speed or EN refresh.

Also, I've been experimenting on using the G84P + 71EC or the KONGOH with the 71EC, both of which give substantial EN refresh and will allow for sustained EN weapon firing, but I have to ditch the decoys for the former, and increase the risk of heat and low battery cap for the latter.

Comments? Like/dislike? Suggestions?
This thing looks like my Oniyuri I, except for a different head...
What can we expect with a limited number of usable parts? LOL

Anyway, having used an AC like this forever, I have to say that it doesn't have much of a defence stats to go toe-to-toe with other fully decked out ACs. But that's just AI plus-monkeys with their LGLs. In PvP though, the KRSW/Griffon combo should deter most rushers, although the KRSW makes it a little sluggish.

You could ditch the decoys and the KRSW for GAR2 and SHADE2 to get a little more speed, but I don't know how well that will fare against human players with the reduced projectile speed.
Phage is pretty much a necessity here.

G84P+EC isn't a bad idea either. Might even be the better choice here.

69H under the KRSW might be dead weight, unless you like the idea of prematurely dropping KRSW to go into close-quarters mode.

And I'm sure you already know this, but I just gotta say that EYE3 gets you 200 more energy. =P
Medusa, I very much agree with you that there's a lack of useable parts. You have no idea how many gaps I have when it comes weapons that need to be filled in. I considered the KSAW Mk2 (I was building this in Last Raven Portable BTW) or the 98L, but I felt that I want a design that can be used in regular LR and has some weapon endurance.

Nix, the 84P + WC is nice, thanks for the second opinion. I'm just effin scared that I may blow out without knowing because of the poor redzone buffer. That and with no practice for a while, says that I need to keep playing again for this. And yes, the 69H is there for a last-ditch rush attack.

Eye 3 looks ugly on the frame parts sadly Tongue.
I don't think any of us here picks the EYE3 for the looks. That thing is just damn fugly. At least the stats do redeem it. Tongue
It did look good on Halimaw and my PACT 2 AC Tongue

But that's just lucky I guess. Tongue

Will test more after class.
(05-04-2011, 12:16 PM)Lord_Leperman Wrote: [ -> ]It did look good on Halimaw and my PACT 2 AC Tongue

But that's just lucky I guess. Tongue

Will test more after class.

Well, Halimaw eh.