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Full Version: ACLR: Succubus
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(copypasted, will change the format if I have to, though)


(tunes: energy def / weight / en+solid def / load capacity)

Boosters: TP
Generator: KONGOH
Radiator: ANANDA
Inside: n/a

(tunes: boost power / condenser cap / cooling)

Extensions: n/a
Back: n/a / n/a
Arm L: ELF3
Hanger R: ROC4
Hanger L: n/a

I did this one as a remake of Sumika's AC as it appears in concept art and in NX (haven't played ACTongueP >< don't even know what its name is), though I saw some potential in it as a duel AC as well. Of course, given the low ammo count on both the RL and the Karasawa AND the Spirit, one would need good aim for this.

As a mission mode AC...? No. Just... no.

This one's about as straightforward as they come - Spirit sniping all the way. It's really up to the pilot to make the shots count, and not to run out of energy in the process.

Known Issues:
I really wouldn't recommend trying this design out unless the one doing so is reasonably confident in his skills. True, it has hangered weapons just in case, but those are more of a last resort than anything else. Not only that, it may be a bit too squishy for comfort, especially the legs.

Also, Spirit = small lock box. It doesn't usually bother me, but those who *are* bothered by it can go for KARASAWA instead. Besides, Sawa looks cooler.

Aesthetically speaking, I say this one's among my prettiest designs ever. Big grin

*paintjob = all red, think Sumika Char Custom*

PvP Information:

Current Vs. Record: [0]W - [0]L - [0]D
Win Rate: n/a


KONGOH+TP can be switched out for GULL+LOTUS depending on user preference. Personally, though, I think this thing should be able to go as fast as it possibly can. Based on looks alone, this is probably the sexiest design in my current stable <3

*please forgive me if I seem to be spamming... I'd been going to town tinkering with newer designs earlier today Smile*

On a side note, plx do lemme know which other past ACs would be fun to remake =3 Thanks Big grin
TP doesn't exist. And even if it did, KONGOH's too hot for it. Your AC would be a moving boiler.

LADYB is seriously heavy. And no radar too.

SPIRIT and KRSW have the same lockbox size. And SPIRIT just isn't a very good gun in general.

Replace ROC4 in hanger to something else, such as ROC2.
I know @LADYB >< The only problem is, none of the other heads resemble Sumika's. *I prioritized looks for this thing, but still wanted to come up with something at least somewhat usable in an actual battle*

ROC4 is there after taking into account how lightly armed this one is - someone who's not particularly careful with the Spirit/Sawa's shots (like me) will end up with just a blade otherwise. *that, and because this already has the +en atk/-en drain op parts on it*

As for me, my aim sucks, to say the least, which is why my staple ACs are mostly CQC-oriented and equip MGs. Someone else may be able to use it properly, but right now, that person isn't me. @_@
Looks a little on the heavy side for a light weight...? That's the reason to why you don't have a back radar I suppose.
You could equip the VOLUTE for a slightly longer lock range.

Is this the concept that you based the AC on?
[Image: Ariake.jpg]
Yes, that's the one. Big grin See the resemblance? Only I didn't go for PIXIE3... It can't kill quite as well on its own as it used to, pre-NX Big grin

Admittedly mine's more red than pink, though... hence 'Succubus' xP

Well, a man-eating she-demon would be most likely to be blood red, or at least a very deep shade of pink...
Core looks more like ATLAS, I think.
Atlas is too heavy, though x.x It may have worked had I used Pixie3 instead, but my aim is just too lousy to kill with Pixie3 alone Sad

Also, I just noticed, but is that Data from Megaman Legends? LOL I never did finish that one.