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Full Version: Short Course Inquiry
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Well thinking of enrolling in a short course by around next year tried doing one online was worth it pretty much since i can pick what area i can focus on in 3d or vfx maybe ill try another one next year since its pretty affordable

now looking for colleges that has just short courses
something that will work well with 3d since 3d is my forte
i am looking for something in the line of VFX (for advertising,film, commercials,games pretty much general VFX camera tracking/compositing stuff) or game

so far found 3 that has short courses on the related subject

CSB: i have nothing against csb well maybe just a little bit but though this time wanna try a different college

Mapua: i hear from relatives and friends their short course on 3d/vfx is worth it daw
tried accessing their website cant seem to load there website don't know whats wrong...anybody from Mapua here that can share a bit?

CIIT: anino games emailed me this few days ago, anino suggested this cause most of their in house 3d artist came from this college
anybody know about CIIT?

any other colleges that has short courses that is 3d/vfx/game design related?
Phoenix One, Informatics, etc?