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Full Version: Bamboo and Sugarfree Disband
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If i was still religiously listening to Sugarfree's releases, i would probably greet this news with a big, resounding "NO!" as well. Problem is, ever since they switched to a new drummer in 2006, they kinda slipped under my radar. Bamboo... oh well, i guess it was just a matter of time.

But still, both bands were worth listening to much more than a lot of the other ones on the scene nowadays. Sayang talaga.
I clicked, read through the third paragraph of the second link, I LOL'd.
I rofl'd.

Edit: At the epic rant. I liked Bamboo. Sad
I liked Bamboo himself, not the band. Ahh Eraserheads~

@Sugarfree.. There goes another great band. It feels as if alternative/rock/pop is slowly dying in the Philippines, with Justin Bieber's crap and all that "pang masa" BS.
Thank goodness there's still Urbandub, Franco and Parokya. The indie scene is still very much alive.
Oh and I think Chicosci is still around, but I don't listen to their stuff.

I don't know why more of these indie bands don't go mainstream. The major label producers seem to think the Pinoy masa don't want to hear good rock music Sad
Pinoy masa doesn't want to hear good rock music.

I loled at the ranting guy just attacking callalily. LOL