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Full Version: Zefyr's Garage AC:fA
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First one up, an AC for regulation 1.20
Revelasion, AC:fA version.

[Image: ACfA__Revelasion_by_Kitsune_2.jpg]

[Image: revelasion2.jpg]

//Head------------------------------//R - Arm Weapon
HD - LANCEL-----------------------02 - DRAGONSLAYER
//Core-------------------------------//L - Arm Weapon
SOLUH - CORE---------------------RG01 - PITONE
//Arms------------------------------//R - Back Weapon
063AN03---------------------------RC01 - PHACT
//Legs-------------------------------//L - Back Weapon
047AN04----------------------------GRB - TRAVERS
______________ ---------------//Shoulder Unit
---------------------------------------P - MARROW

//Main Booster
//Overed Booster
//Side Booster
//Back Booster

*edit: Forgot to put the AP. Only about 36000. Not much, but its damage-dealing potential with the Assault Armor and the Railguns + Grenades on an enemy with no PA makes up for it. You should be pretty fast as well, I think.

Assault Armor goodness. Story AC, and awesome mission AC, for my style of play anyway. Beat Occupation of Arteria Carpals with this setup, earning the S rank for it. Since then, I've tested it on Defend/Attack Arteria Cranium, against major Arms Forts, the Line - Ark missions, etc etc as well as the normal missions, and so far they're all S - Ranks. Of course my play style is risky but rewarding at the same time, and I'm used to it by now, so no guarantee to those who don't use or don't like Assault Armor.

Basic Strategy:
Use the RG01 - PITONE as a backup weapon for NEXT battles. The GRB - TRAVERS, 02 - DRAGONSLAYER, and the RC01 - PHACT against small-fry enemies, and against NEXTs use Assault Armor when in close proximity to make short work of them. Dash away to a close-mid range distance, then use the PITONE and PHACT to finish them off while their Primal Armor is down. Against lightweights, if you're lucky, one blast in close proximity will kill them.

You'll have to watch your opponent's movements when using AA. Use your radar. If they're dashing your way, use AA at the right moment, and they'll be hit for devastating damage. Also, don't use AA against the drones when you fight the Cabracan. For some reason they don't get hit often. Flying little cheaters -_-

That's all for now.