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Originally posted this in rant/rave. But since because of the length, I felt it deserved its own thread.

But to keep some sort of discussion going, I guess we can use this thread to talk about countries other than ours.

Either first-hand experiences or simply stuff about countries we want to go to.

Got back from HK yesterday but had an early work day without Internet a while ago.

Got to ride one of PAL's brandspankin new planes. Every seat gets a touch-screen monitor media console. You can even stick in your flashdisk to watch pr0n. There are simple games too like Tetris and Bookworm. The redhat OS crashed on me though. LOL

HK's progressed so much since I last went. The city lights are still blinding. The bridges are ridiculous. The train system is really great (not as intricate, but generally as effective and easier to use than Tokyo's). The shopping is mind-blowing of course. Prices are generally the same as over here (though bottled water is crazy overpriced) except that the selection isn't even comparable.

Any form of tour over there is a waste of time nowadays. Don't bother. Don't bother with HK Disney too (didn't go).

Went to Macau for a day. Really nice to see at night but there isn't much else other than casinos. Ferry trip made me feel queasy. I hate boat rides.

So many Filipinos everywhere.

Shopped in Mong Kok several times. But unfortunately, I wasn't able to find Sino Centre for the anime goodies. Don't bother with Ladies' Market. Everything's a ripoff if you're not Chinese.

Bought a new pair of kicks, of course: White PUMA 917
The regular price is the same as here, but I don't think we got this colorway. And I got this one at 20% off, so it ended up costing around P2000 only.

Lots of limited eds that can't be found here weren't hard to find over there (Nike Vandals Sad )

Had the privilege of seeing the Ransom x Adidas stuff in the Adidas store. Really wanted to buy THIS ONE but I figured I already have enough black&white shoes. Oh, and it cost 1000HK.

Black chucks and jack purcells seemed to be really popular over there.

The fashion of the younger generation in general has almost caught up with Tokyo.

H&M... when will you get here? Sad

Oh, last thing. It wasn't really cold. Sad My office is colder. But still, people kept their fall/winter clothes on to keep the 'look', I guess. Hahahah. They must have felt real hot though, since I (one from a tropical country) could have walked around in just a shirt all day.
Welcome back, bro! Got any pics from your trip?
Yeah, but it's the usual family-turista shots. LOL I'll see if there's anything worth posting. LOL
Goddamn those Adidas kicks are nice. Smile I'm thinking your trip generally went well?

Since you brought it up, let me relate a bit of what happened to me in China. I was a bit busy over there, so I only really got to go out and experience Shanghai for around 2 whole days.

Weather-wise, it was colder, but not unpleasant nor unbearable. Tamang-tama lang.

Transportation there was better. Even though there were a lot of cars, I don't think I ever hit a major traffic jam in my week+-long stay there.

Surroundings were clean. A bit dusty since there was a ton of construction going on (all of it to do with this), but it was controlled at least.

Walking around was a pleasant experience. Since Chinese aren't allowed to legally own land (the government owns it), all of the folks there live in apartment complexes. They're really nice and well-maintained though. I guess it's a perk of communism that stuff gets really taken care of.

Shanghai has one big mall - Superbrand Mall. As its name implies, all of the reputable brands are here, and careful shopping might even get you something cheaper than here (I bought a couple of shirts from Uniqlo and Giordano). In terms of fashion, the young crowd mostly wears slim jeans, sneakers, and a plaid shirt over a plain tee. I swear that was the hot look when I was there. Nothing bad about that though.

Like I said in the shoe thread, Pumas were cheap there. Nikes cost the same though, if not more.

By the way, anyone thinking of working/studying abroad?
The Adidas x Ransom stuff are really awesome in general. --> Almost convinced my dad to by himself the black/white one (and get me the red/white one in the process LOL )

Getting out of this country is really depressing sometimes. Ok, all the time. You get to really see how shitty it is here compared to everywhere else. LOL The only upside I can see is that the average Filipino family has bigger living spaces than the average Chinese families.

Uniqlo's another brand that I'd love to have over here. Saw a lot more Onitsuka Tigers than what we have here, but they were more expensive. Wasn't able to check out Zara to compare with ours. Wasn't able to go to the PUMA Black Label store too.

Work/Study abroad? It gets more tempting every single day. Especially right now.
(12-03-2009, 12:42 AM)NiX Wrote: [ -> ]Work/Study abroad? It gets more tempting every single day. Especially right now.

I might get a chance to do this in the near future. And I'm going to take it with no regrets.

I love the Philippines, but seriously, getting ahead is going to be slim if I decide to stay here.
I'd love to work/migrate abroad, Sorry grim, but I have this loathing of the masses here in the phils, and they multiply every single fucking day. In other words, this country is sooo going to hell. So I wanna get out of here ASAP.

If I like, got a billion dollars, I'd still stay here though(with a house in jap and application to be a citizen there LOL)

P.S I wasn't really loyal to my Chinese blood traditions whatever anyway too. so there.
yea, the operating system known as "pinoy massa v. 2.0" is so rampant i can even see them here, but it's ok. BC is lovable. Lots of chinese people here who didn't 'install' their 'tradition plug-in'. Herb loving too. Migrate to BC? It's cold tho, but i feel warm just thinking of the countless shower of sparks from herb loving people here. I'll stay here for awhile....

Ott 'A Shower Of Sparks'
Japan/ Singapore would be nice. Even hongkong.

Di rin ako komportableng migrant. Spawning everywhere. Western places are becoming too ethnic. I'd rather stay forever in the Phils if only the money was good.
Taken in Macau.

[Image: DSCN0383.jpg]

[Image: DSCN0382.jpg]
Putsa, may branch pala sila dun? Tongue
My good friend Achmed once encouraged me to try out his line of work, which upon completion of training, would allow us to be smuggled into some country with a suitcase of strange powders and wires and that we would be offered several dozen virgins in return for our service. I had to turn him down as my uncle's offer of managing his goats when he retired was far more rewarding.

Which reminds me, I haven't heard from Achmed for quite some time now. Last I saw him, he was being offered a deal with some Verizon guy. I do hope he is doing okay.
Quick comments! I don't know what to discuss exactly. Topic title is a little vague Tongue

Canada: TOO COLD.
Vancouver: Very laid back, a little boring but fun's there if you know where to look

Australia: Same as Vancouver, but with better weather, kangaroos, and koalas

US: The culture is different according to region. I like the coastal states like California and New York best.

Indonesia: Just like the Philippines, including corruption and really friendly local people

Singapore and Hong Kong: Just like... Makati. Only with more Chinese people, underground trains, and condos.
Will be posting write ups in this thread once i get needed rest and stuff. I'll be editing this post for the first week of the AA and Sforza JP trip.
Haha looking forward to it.
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