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Full Version: Halloween 2009
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What're you guys doing for halloween?

Going to a cool party or event?

Dressing up? If so, what'll you dress up as?
Definitely not going to dress up; Goats never wear anything, do they?
I'm probably tag along with some elitist guys for photo concept opportunities.
(10-25-2009, 02:42 PM)Goat Wrote: [ -> ]Definitely not going to dress up; Goats never wear anything, do they?

By that, you mean you aren't going to wear anything?

...Horrific. LOL
well.. they do have fur.. XD
I'm pretty sure i'm gonna be doing my yearly thing and will be visiting my grandmother's grave with the rest of my clan. It's pretty fun because it also doubles as a family reunion, albeit a cramped one. Imagine more than fifty people camped out on a spot a dozen or so square meters big. Complete with little kids running around. A good bonus is that good food is never in short supply on that day.
For us, Oct 31 is normally trick-or-treat/party day and Nov 1 is dead's day. I generally dislike having to go to the cemeteries and stuff. Since both my parents are from the province, and since probinsyanos keep track of relatives down to the cousins of cousins, we end up with so many dead people to go to. -_- I didn't even know many of these people.
On October 31 I'm gonna spend my afternoon in Grams, get a burger hangover, and become a sack in the evening.

You're welcome to accompany me with my quest to become the most horrific human being that has ever lived.

Like everyone else, November 1 is a day to remember those who have passed away. Thus I have to leave out of town, eat at gatherings, remember the dead and talk to distant relatives I rarely get to meet.
I wanna be a sack too. Sad

Well, that's the funny thing with my family. Halloween gets really mixed up with All Saint's / All Soul's day so much that we don't really know what's what anymore.

*nakisali na rin*
Thread Raided!

Ahem ahem.

I like the halloween season specially because of all the halloween specials on TV... Too bad there ain't Magandang Gabi bayan anymore because it used to air the best halloween special ever.
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