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Full Version: Osiris Alpha
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AC Name: Osiris Alpha

Head: Drone (0,0,5,5,0)
Core: C89E (1,0,4,5,0)
Arms: Lemur2 (4,3,3,0,0)
Legs: Dingo2 (0,0,5,5,0)

Boosters: Vulture2 (4,0,4,2)
Generator: G91 (0,7,3)
Radiator: Ananda (0,0,10)
Inside: None

Extensions: Gar2
Back R: 69M
Back L: Harpy
Arm R: 93RL
Arm L: R3

Ops: Amino, ES, SS, EC, L+, Codon

I decided to post this since it's illegal for tourneys anyway because of the Lemur2. If you're up against a tank or a heavy, you can drop the 69M and the Gar2. If up against anything else, drop the Harpy.
Lemur2 may be used in our tourney, may condition nga lang. Looks good. Especially after I witnessed how you play range games with this. The RL's already one of the top three guns in the game IMO, playing it safe would only make it deadlier.

Question: do you find the Gar2 accurate? Try putting on the RM3 if you can fit it. The forward-firing mechanics of this thing makes it one of the best missile extensions IMO.
I have been on the recieving end of this AC. Check out the Osiris against my quad vid, and see for yourselves how effective it is for those who want to know what this AC is capable of, and it is a tough nut to crack as well.

IMO the GAR2 works well, at least for slow opponents but there might be better missile systems out there.

I'll help you out a tourney legal version in any case... I just need to be in front of my PS2 Smile)
There is another contender for the 93 LR...

I have a similar biped (Yes, I do use bipeds *Shock!*) in my garage, though I used a lighter chassis for speed's sake.

Try coupling the R3 with the Shade Laser rifle. It's lighter than the 93LR, has a better lockbox (standard), hits harder, and has almost the same bullet speed. And since it's an energy weapon, it does its job nicely against heavy types as well Happy.

And since you're using the Dingo2 legs, it looks like you can handle the shot drain.

I'd use it on my quad designs, but the drains a big problem for me...quads are notoriously drainy, so I'm stuck with shell guns (except for 'd ladon)
I'm definitely happy with the GAR2 since missiles aren't my main offense. If you can fire them from an angle that doesn't make them arc so much, they're still pretty accurate even against lights. RM3 is too heavy and drainy for my taste, though I know it's good.

For the arm weapons, I'm happy with the RL. I'll most probably keep it, although I did seriously consider the Shade. Instead, it's likely that I swap out the R3 for a GRIFFON. Furthermore, I may change the C89E to a hanger core.

As for the 69M, it's served me well. However, I may change it depending on what weight will allow after I make other changes.

What I'll eventually keep will depend on the results of my tests with Maitreya.

Thanks for the comments!

EDIT: I'm very torn about whether I should be using the 80S3 arms or the MACAQUE... I'm also torn about whether I should use RL+Griffon or Shade+R3... I'm also torn between the SATYROS and the MV... I'm also deciding between the Side Shields or Relation Missiles.Wacko
Just me: Shade + R3 is more general purpose while the RL + Griffon is more specialized. The 2nd combination has a much higher damage rate thanks to the Griffon, and since you're carrying hangers, ammo isn't realy much of a concern. However, if you're going for a sustaned, accurate, and high rate of fire design, go for the Shade + R3.

In my experience, the Shade + Histon and the R3 empty out at the same time under sustained fire.

As for missiles, I love the MVs. it makes the Satyros look like... meh, although it still has its uses.

Well, try this... something that'll proly come out of my garage:


Options: shell and energy screens, stability, cooling, radar + (It really helps IMO), FCS+, missle jammer, HISTON

No frame tunes though, try it out and see if you like it.
<!--QuoteBegin-NiX+Sep 18 2006, 07:45 PM--></div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (NiX @ Sep 18 2006, 07:45 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'><!--QuoteEBegin--> I'm very torn about whether I should be using the 80S3 arms or the MACAQUE... I'm also torn about whether I should use RL+Griffon or Shade+R3... I'm also torn between the SATYROS and the MV... I'm also deciding between the Side Shields or Relation Missiles.Wacko [/quote:c2b3f6be87]
If it was up to me, I go with Macaque, RL+Griff, MV, and Relations.

Macaque over S3 because of better response time and accuracy.

RL+Griffon because of greater damage per hit, and also because it combines shell with energy damage. That way, you get the best of both worlds. You have hangers, you don't need to worry about ammo... much. Also, Griffon is quite accurate, more so than the R3.

MV over Satyros. Although the Sats are cool, and lock on much much faster than the MVs, verts are killer in LR. They pound the enemy into the ground and stun them while they're at it. Sets them up perfectly for an RL shot, followed by one from the Griffon. :tongue:

Finally, I'd pick relations over side shields. In SL, if you equipped side shields and a front shield, there was a bug that made it as if you had a shield all around your AC... like a 100% protection sphere or something. Starting from NX, side shields only protect, well, from the side. And in LR, I think even though the number stayed the same, I believe their coverage area went down a bit. So unless you're charging at the enemy often and are prone to being flanked (and I've already seen how you play, and you're definitely not like that), I don't see much use of them for you. You'll get more out of the relations. But eh, if you really want that extra defense, well that's up to you.
AC Name: Osiris Alpha

Head: S2 (0,0,4,6,0)
Core: U3 (0,1,3,6,0)
Arms: MACAQUE (0,4,6,0,0)
Legs: DINGO2 (0,1,3,6,0)
Boosters: VULTURE2 (0,2,6,2)
Generator: G91 (0,7,3)
Radiator: ANANDA (0,0,10)
Inside: None
Extensions: GAR
Back R: MV
Back L: RA
Arm R: RL
Hanger R: None
Hanger L: 69H

Optional Parts:

I was still kinda green (in terms of LR) when I made that AC in the first post of this thread so I still wasn't sure about what I liked. But now that I've had time to explore the available parts in the game, I've found a lot of things I'm comfortable with... and here's the result.

If you'll notice, this revamped AC actually looks almost identical to the Osiris Omega AC I used in the PAC Tournament. That's because this AC was the prototype to the Omega. And though I will admit that the Omega is much more versatile and competitive than this, this Alpha AC is certainly more fun to play with for me.

And if Rick has the "Elemental" as the AC of his game persona, this'll most probably be the AC of my persona.