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Full Version: AC Dark Void I
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ENEMY AC DETECTED: AC 'Dark Void I' detected. Unit is equipped with the power to kick a$$, avoid getting pwned at all costs.

LOL, joke special computer data aside, here is an AC ive cooked up.

Head: Drone
Tuned 5 weight 5 vs ECM

Core: CR-Yc99UL
Tuned 5 weight 5 def. shell

Legs: Cougar 2
Tuned Max leg weight

Arms; Lemur 2
Tuned 5 weight 5 def. shell

Booster: B83TP
Tuned 10 weight

generator: Fudoh
Tuned 5 condensor cap 5 en. output

Radiator: R92
Tuned max en. drain

FCS: Miroku

Back R: Nymph

Back L: Nymph

Arm R: WR93RL

Arm L: LB4

Extras: Amino, O69ES, O71EC, O7SLA, O79L+, Oranganelle, Marishi, Kangi.

Play Style: I boost hop around ALOT (what else is the TP good for?) and stay in mid range with my Linear gun. The missiles are what I use up first and could be considered my main weapon, which is a problem because against regular players im told, missiles SUCK. The Linear is a solid weapon, although a little heavy. The LB4 is for anyone who dare gets too close for comfort. As for the set up- Fudoh I beleive gives me a pretty good boost dration, cougar 2 has good defence and okay stats all round, Lemur 2 is a defence booster. Drone is for the good ECM, to counter act any stage ECM that might come into play. This also apparently works well as a mission AC in some cases, so far ive been able to kill;




With it.

I think besides the Final 'tadakatsu' model, its the best thing ive managed to make.

G91 tuned for output + fully tuned ANANDA for cooling should go well with your TP fully tuned for heat reduction. It should also give you more EN refresh for around the same amount of weight Tongue. Also, for the FCS, I suggest the MONJU (The LR version of the SRA02 from SL) as it gives a wider and bigger lock box for your RL and a faster missile lock time for your missiles. Also, you sure you don't want any extensions with that? With the MONJU's 6 fast locks + the NYMPH + GAR you'll get 12 salvos of 8 missiles each on a full lock Tongue It should fit given the weight savings from changing the FUDOH to the G91.

The AC should be fun to use in blader matches. Try to distract opponents with swarms of missiles when you're close while setting up for a blade strike, or you can peck away at mid-range with the spamable RL.