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Full Version: Ultimatum
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Legs- L11-LATONA


Over- GAN02-NSS-0.CG

RArm- MR.R102
LArm- 063ANAR

Tune (all 100%)
EN output
EN capacity
Aim precision
Fire stability
Lock Speed
Main QB
Side QB

this is similar to what i have used against cabs and leonhardht, but with some tweak from latona to ekhazar because of it lacking of defense versus ballistic weaponry, and also more focus on fast paced combat by removing en-0705

[Image: DSC07147.jpg][Image: DSC07150.jpg]
I finally had a chance to fight and use this design yesterday against Atdsutm offline. I must say, it suited for fighting against various opponents. While I may not agree with the SIRIUS, I'd like to replace it with the ACRUX, as it seems to be more well suited for the design due to its hit-and-run nature. The R102 is a bit sub-par IMO, maybe the light BFF rifle can be a substitute? Also, I'd move the tunes for EN capacity to KP output, as it may help in KP regeneration. Other than that, I think its great for offline matches due to its multi-role capability. Though I'd drop the heavy hitter if fighting against fast opponents who like to stay in the air and QB a lot (Keep the EN weapon, but drop if opponent is fast. If he's a mid or a heavy, you might want to keep it just in case). You also might want to change the OB to something lighter or one with AA Tongue Since you're QB is fast enough to drive you distances. Tongue

All in all, I think its alright. Tongue
Updating for 1.3. As requested by Atdsutsm.

For frame parts, I won't really change a thing as the EKHAZAR parts are ultra-low drain and have high AP (low defense though), which works to your advantage at the beginning of a match, as opponents tend to think they are facing off against a midweight until they see your mobility.

FCS choice is pretty simple in 1.3, and the HOGIRE seems to be a do it all, though the EKHAZAR and the LAHIRE are also useful depending on the range orientation of your AC's weapons. However, I often find the HOGIRE to be the most useful of them all especially with the weapons I’ll be recommending, if you can get past its poor radar refresh rate.

For the generator, I'm finding the SOBRERO a more risky affair in 1.3 due to its low PA refresh, unless you are able to dodge like mad and QB all the time, though that is not outside the realm of possibility. LAHIRE and even the JUDITH work pretty well especially because of the low drain of your frame parts.

Weapons need a bit of an overhaul, especially the back weapons. Due to the overall speed decrease of 1.3, it became much harder to dodge incoming fire and missiles, thus making longer range engagements possible. I recommend replacing the SIRIUS with something that has more reach like a sniper cannon. If you intend on replacing the DEARBORN with a longer ranged missile set, then go for the ANCM spread missile, as you can literally bombard enemies at extreme ranges to submission with that weapon combination. It also helps the ANCM's flight time is among the longest of the missiles available, making sure they would really reach your opponent even beyond lock-on range. As much as I like the SIRIUS as a weapon, offensively it presents some problems. First off, it drains a lot of energy, making it difficult to use for offense as EN is shared by both mobility and this weapon, which can potentially limit your movement. Second, its only as accurate as a standard rifle, and can be a bit hard to aim when used against faster opponents, thus it’s more of a liability when fighting against a fast opponent that keeps on falling back. Changing the SIRIUS to the 049ANSC removes the risk of running out of EN and its accuracy lets you snipe at a range beyond standard rifles.

Hand weapon options have changed in 1.3. No longer is the ANAR the dominant rifle in the game, and other weapons have emerged as powerful contenders. Here's a list of fairly flexible rifle weapon combinations:

057ANNR + 047ANNR

This is the most accurate rifle weapon combination of the three and also has the highest killpower (at 240 rounds each), but also is the hardest to use at close range due to its 90 melee ability. Against fast aggressive opponents, you'll have to constantly keep your distance by QBing backwards often in order to keep them at this weapon combination's effective range, but otherwise, they're very accurate and damaging weapons.

R100R + 063ANAR

A fair compromise between accuracy, damage rate, and ease of use. This has become one of my favorite rifle combinations in 1.3 due to its relative ease of use and fair amount of ammo (300 for the ANAR, 216 for the R100R). While not as accurate as the previous weapon combination, it can be used to a better degree at closer ranges, plus it also has enough ammo hat it can be fairly spammed often.


A safe choice for both mid and short range. With a wide melee ability and high damage, ROF and accuracy, the only drawbacks to this wonderful combination is its poor ammo capacity at only 150 per rifle.

Overall, I’d stick to the already equipped MARVEs. My reasoning behind this, anything that is fast enough to engage CQB against something as fast as this will not have enough armor to survive MARVE barrages at mid-short ranges, and anything beyond the MARVE’s effective ranges are covered by your back mounts. Mix and match as you wish though, sometimes it is a good idea to put the 057ANNR (Or the 047ANNR if you’re strapped for weight) alongside with the MARVE for a mix of a dominant mid range rifle and a close combat assault rifle.

At its current booster setup, your AC is optimized for very defensive play. The JUDITH has a slow forward thrust, but excellent vertical thrust, making your AC suited for aerial engagements. For your back and side boosters though, I’d recommend the ALLYAH/B and the ORTEGA respectively. Your AC has enough refresh to handle both these drainy boosters which should give you enough speed for a totally mobility and distance based gameplay. The ALLYAH/B will allow you to backtrack faster than any other booster system on both the ground and the air and the ORTEGA, while not as fast as the LAHIRE, has a much more forgiving QB stat with almost the same QB rate (While making you less likely to overshoot your CB at close combat, at the same time it is fast enough for you to outrun missiles). Don’t worry about your forward lateral movement, the range of your back weapons should be able to compensate for your lack of forward movement with their long range, but if you are concerned, the POLARIS or the HOGIRE are good EN efficient alternatives.

Overall, the recommendations present a somewhat different AC compared to its original incarnation, especially for the weapons. Greater emphasis was given to long range capabilities while still retaining an effective weapon system for close combat. You’ll be relying much more on turtling your offense with long range back weapons, while playing defensive with your hand mounts in case they decide to rush you. Give it a spin though and choose from the different rifle combinations and figure out which suits your taste.