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Full Version: Light Tank concept
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ANGLER (or was it the Ankou? Anyway, its the back-booster)

Okay, I was intrigued with putting a back-booster on a tank to aid distance control, and here's what I came up with. Upon playing for a while, I noticed that I've been using this design like a defensive biped. I boost-hop, fall back, and take to the air while using the back-booster to accelerate my reverse movement. I use the LGL like the RL, the LADON like an RS that charges, and the R2 + NIX like a standard close range weapon system, all of which is supplemented by the GAEA's EOs.

Armor's pretty below average for a tank, but its EN defense is something to look out for. EN efficiency and heat are managed pretty well, but the KONGOH's low battery capacity may hurt its offensive capability and mobility.

I really don't know where I'm headed with this design, it lacks the firepower IMO to be classified as a tank, and its mobility isn't really like that of any other unit. The only thing special about this is the back booster which somewhat helps preventing opponents from encircling this AC. It still can be out turned, but not as easy without the supplementary boosters.

I think I'm trying to much to make this design work...
lol i thought you were referring to the pegasus a.k.a"back mounted boosters".

I've been finding the Angler more useful than any of the extension boosters(Angler>CR-E98HB>Anoku>Remora). My only suggestion is to replace the EO with an OB for more mobility.

& btw i would like to see you guys try this design in a 2p vs, just to see if those Anglers are worthy.
Doesn't Kongoh make your AC extra toasty?

Will definitely be tried on Saturday.
The KONGOH is surprisingly stable due to the GRIZZLY's low booster heat, though the ANGLER does significantly raise heat levels when used. I thought of a EN/Booster system that constantly allows me to boost backwards, so I thought of using low heat, high drain legs while at the same time, being consistently able to use the GAEA's EOs for supplementary firepower at any given range (they have the longest range at 500) for any of the weapons equipped. I'm thinking along the lines of a lighter version of Genbu, but with a retreat function and functional EOs at any range.

Due to the BGR combo which I want to keep for the EOs and retain the gunship-ish design, I'm letting go of my once iron rule that OB is a must for tanks, though I plan on using OB along with the back booster extensions on some of my heavier A2 tank designs, just to see if they work well together.

I'm thinking of changing the legs to the BOAR which is lighter than the GRIZZLY, just to see if it is more effective at mobility. While at that, maybe change some of the weapons?
Ugh, bad. The Angler won't save this AC from a quick opponent. Maybe against a heavy-mid, a heavy, or a tank. But definitely not a light. Lights can still out-run and out-turn a light tank with the back-booster extensions.
You shouldn't be relying on the anglers alone for mobility. A tank is still better off with an OB.
You might want to try ATLAS and swap the extension for MORAY for anti missile capability. If you can't beat the turning speed of your opponent, you might as well gain distance using OB then reposition yourself again. If you do change the core, you might want to change you generator for LOTUS or G91 and your Rad to R92.
I was looking at it from a standpoint of a non-OB tank (which was admittedly, already pushing it on the bounds of poor mobility) and the built-in booster of the GRIZZLY. I don't know how it'll do with OB tanks though, but I'm concerned that the extensions might be counterproductive instead of being useful due to energy being shared by both OB and the extensions depending on how they're used.

It's worth a try though.
Won't atlas be hella slow for a tank? Heck, atlas is hella slow for anything. >_<

Come to think of it, we weren't able to try this, noh? Next time, definitely.
Have you tried an OB Core+Turn Boosters?
I think this would be good for repositioning your AC right after an OB.
Plus, you may end up with one helluva jouster.
OB tanks with turnboosters worked great in SL because of the bigger energy caps in that game as well as the quicker reload time.

ANOKU will still work for OB tanks. Unfortunately, it cannibalizes the energy that could have been used for OBing in the first place.
NiX Wrote:Won't atlas be hella slow for a tank? Heck, atlas is hella slow for anything. >_<

Come to think of it, we weren't able to try this, noh? Next time, definitely.

You have a point, Atlas is slower than most OB cores, but it's a bit durable than the other lighter cores though (but not really durable enough). Unless you make it underweight...
EOS might also be a good option, but that OB heat is a bit of a killer though...
EOS might be cliched but it's been proven time and time again that its the best OB core for a tank.
Also check some of the TMRaven vs niji vids. They've fought several times with an ATLAS and EOS.

But i've got to admit, my last tank design uses the ATLAS.