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Full Version: Critique my LW AC
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Head: CR-H97X5 - EYE (70 weight, 30 vs. ECM)
Core: RAKAN (50 weight, 50 Cooling)
Arms: CR-A94FL (50 weight, 50 Cooling)
Legs: CR-LH74M (10 Cool, 90 Mx.Leg Weight)
Boosters: Gull (50 Power, 50 Acc)
Generator: Lotus (40 Energy Output , Condenser Cap 60) <--should lessen condenser cap?
Radiator: Hazel 2 (100 weight)

Weapons L= CR-WL88L83 R=Pixie 3 B= 2 Nymphe's cause they're easy Shades.... to carry Rolleyes

AP 7249
Arm 1542/3079
Leg 4130/4575
EN Consumption 8197/10085
Max Boost 510 - 550 with no back weapons

Ok lads don't pull any punches Salute
First of all, I'll assume that you don't have all the parts yet, correct?
Secondly, if you haven't yet, it might be good to at least read this thread at least once:

Now onto your design:

Since I don't know which parts you have yet, I can't really tell you what to replace.

However, one glaring area that can be helped here is your tuning.

There are several more efficient ways to tune. With the head for example, tuning for ECM does not really help, and since ECM is banned in pretty much all tournaments, there's really no point in investing in it.

As for your parts, try to avoiding investing too many tuning points to weight if the parts you're tuning are already light to begin with. Parts that have deficiencies in certain areas (i.e. defense) will benefit most from tuning that deficient area. In this case, most of the parts you equipped are already light to begin with. Hence, they don't benefit much from weight reduction. In most cases, it's only worth tuning the weight of the heavier AC parts.

Since you're using an overboost core, a better way to tune this AC is for you to spread your tuning points between cooling and defense.

Now onto your internal parts: LOTUS as your generator and GULL as your booster is a great choice. They were practically made for each other. The LOTUS' low calorific value compliments the GULL's high boost heat.

However, let me point out that the single most important stat in a generator is its output. Its output determines how quickly your generator can recharge your energy. Capacity is simply how much energy your generator can carry. In the case of LOTUS, its output is not as high as the other leading generators. Hence, it'd benefit you more if you placed most of your tuning points on output instead of capacity. And don't worry about LOTUS' capacity. Though its capacity stat is low, its redzone (compressed energy) is very large, which effectively increases its endurance by much more than most people realize.

HAZEL2 is a decent radiator until you get your hands on ANANDA. Well for now, it'll do. Radiators are meant for one thing: cooling your AC. Hence, the most efficient way to tune this is to give all/most of your points to cooling. If you want a lighter radiator, try HAZEL, with all tunes devoted to cooling.

This may seem like a lot, but don't worry. You'll get the hang of it. We'll be here to help.
Yes, As I have yet to finish the game but RIM FIRE is preventing me from doing so with his Bloody Fingers of Doom No no

+Oh, didn't know ECM was banned thanks!
+Good tip on the Generator see i thought that output = the Bar and condenser cap = the red part of the bar lol... now i know
+Is the ANANDA a secret part? or do i just have to beat the game and i'll eventually have it unlocked in the shop?

Thank you!
you are a Gentleman and a Scholar! Salute
Hahah it's my pleasure to help. It's been a while since we've actually talked about AC in these forums. Tongue

Just head on over to gamefaqs to get an AC:LR walkthrough. There are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled to gain certain parts. It's quite tricky, so it's best that you refer to walkthroughs to find out where you can find certain parts. Direct your browser here:

If you don't know/are unsure of what certain stats do, feel free to ask.
Part by part criticisms since Nix made a nice post on tuning:

Nymphe - Fast multiple lock-on time, but not very accurate. It also has 36 missiles, which should be more than enough for each mission. I would pair this system with extensions (ex: GAR) instead to improve firepower, given that your main weapon is a pixie3. For me, 69Ms are much more accurate and dependable in tight situations. If you play against a skilled human opponent, I doubt you'd be able to get a lock for more than 3 small missiles using nymphe.

For legs, switch to CR-LH84L2 when you can, because they have better defense (you have 1.3k shell def at the moment with optionals. that' and more AP. Arms are fine for LWs. I use those too.

Core, I'm biased against OB cores so someone else should comment on that~ I'm also biased about blades so I won't comment. The first thing I'd do is change the blade to anything except for a flamethrower, even an R3 is fine. If I can't change it I'd probably just drop it LOL

As for the pixie3/nymphe combination, I'd say it's a good combination, but its also too short range oriented. Backpedlers would give you a lot of trouble, so try putting in vertical missiles when you can to force the opponent to move closer.

Good luck! Wala talagang laban design na ito kay Rim Fire, because if you even get within distance of his fingers, you'll become (literally) holy very, very quickly. Use ranged weapons.
Quote:EN Consumption 8197/10085

By the way, the greater the difference between your total energy consumption and the max output of your generator (this is called surplus EP), the faster your energy gauge will recharge.

It's best if all your designs have at least 3000 surplus EP.
Alright will keep all you guys said in mind.

Thanks Again!

goodnight muna antok nako Salute
They've said most of iat already...
But still...

LB3 + Pixie3
Try a Bazooka... Wait, your AC may go ver the weight limit...
If you already have linear rifles, put them in for stun.

For Rim Fire, use a durable AC with loads of fire power. Because you'll be fighting 2 AC's in that mission right? Have Fun.

Your chassis isn't very tough.
As a personal rule, I never put an energy weapon on an OB equipped AC since AC's generator would have share its energy with weapons, standard movement, and the the OB system.

What I would initially do is to tune the GULL's heat output to the max (some people opt to tune it 2 to its heat then 7 for its acceleration, though I'd prefer my AC's running cool as it minimizes risk). The initial Boost power on the GULL is already fast enough to serve your needs, so tuning it all to Boost Power will only give you slight gains.

I'm assuming the choice of legs was made through the weight stat, which is supposed to affect indicate the max speed of the whole AC (The fastest overall legs in the game are the DINGO2 by some freak physics glitch in BS underweighting). However, I for one feel that there are better lightweight legs under your disposal like what Sforzando has already mentioned, the 84L2 (Which is one of my favorite LW legs in the game alongside the JAGUAR2). My bias when it comes to design and game play is to maximize the amount of defense one has available (through tunes or to use parts with better defense-to-weight ratios).

Speaking of defense, the A72F is the LW AC's best friend in balancing out Shell and EN defense ratios, give it a try and see if you like it. Oh, and you didn't post your FCS, so I'd recommend the MIROKU for your current setup.
Salamat talaga sa lahat ng advices! Salute

natalo ko ren si Rim Fire haha
pero gamit ko paden ung pixie 3 plus blade and ung magaan na vertical missile

tsaka inayos ko ung tuning hindi na lahat sa weight LOL

okay na ren pala speed na 485 Salute salamat ule

post nalang ule ako mamya, marami pako sigurado tatanong senyo eh
tas nakisingit lang ako sa pc naun

dun nako sa stage na tatlo kalaban tas may ECM jamming device ata sila tas puro Exceed Orbit nga ba un ung parang mga little orbs na may lasers

bbye! Shades
Hahah huwag ka masyado excited sa speed. Tongue Any AC that goes faster than 400 is already considered fast.

In most cases, a good balance between defense and speed is the best bet.

But for missions, having more defense is usually more advisable.