Nov 262009

Megas XLR not included.

Because everyone digs giant robots.

Ok, I know I’ve been slow. Not covering Silent Line Portable‘s JP release was already a sign and missing last week’s Random Mecha Video of the day/week was another. So to make it all up for the lack of Random Mecha Videos and content, I present a massive collection of Mecha Anime openings from 1960’s till 2008. This is not my work, but it has been floating around an would at least interest anyone who has played SRW and asked “Where the hell did this robot come from?”. You’ll see it all, from icons like Tetsujin 28 (including the re-makes and re-imaginations), Mazinger-Z, various Macross and Gundam titles, to obscure super-robot titles such as Chogattai Majutsu Robo Gingaizer (Super Combining Magical Power Robo Gingaizer). It’s 7-8 hours of awesomeness and mecha history. The download links after the jump. Continue reading »

Nov 062009

Okay, to make up for being half-assed in posting front page content I’m posting 2 videos for this weeks Random Mecha Video(s). This first one is from a live action movie Gunhed released during the 1980s, and it certainly looks something out of the set of Aliens. While the mech itself spends much of its time rolling, its good to see it actually blow stuff up. Second random mecha video after the jump. Continue reading »

Nov 032009
Sophie - Happy

We finally got an official Youtube account for Raven Republic, where we will feature various AC fights from all over the world. We will feature great fights, AC glitches, and various things that may or may not interest the AC player.

PACT videos will eventually be transferred here as soon as the opportunity arises, but for now everyone gets AC videos from Japan. Come visit our channel in Youtube.

Some videos from the channel after the jump. Continue reading »

Oct 302009

An old music video by rock band Aerosmith back in 2001 from the album “Just Push Play” which includes another more famous hit called “Jaded”. You’ll see standard stuff form music videos in addition to some mech action between two giant robots, which is cool except I don’t know if there’s supposed to be a story in the video or something.

Oct 212009

Sadly, its only a series of ads for “Fever Macross” a new Pachinko game machine, though it should give everyone an idea on how a live-action adaptation of Macross could look like. Speaking of a live action adaptation of Macross, I dread the thought and pity the poor soul who will play the role of intergalactic bimbo Lynn Minmay.

[via: Topless Robot]