Apr 152010

Coming soon to a hobby store near you. Silent Line’s intro AC given the name Crest Assault Type (Known as Fracture in Last Raven’s VR arena) will be getting a plamo form as part of Kotobukiya’s Armored Core Variable Infinity series of model kits. The release date for this elegant model is expected to be on August 10 (undecided) this year. Actual build model after the jump: Continue reading »

Apr 072010
Honorable mention

FG Site recently sponsored an Armored Core model making competition, and the results are nothing less than what we would feature in our Now That’s An Armored Core series. It comes to no surprise that the top placer was 507, the same person who built the very awesome Black Rain and Cronus Vestal. Hit the jump for the top placers as well as another honorable mention. Continue reading »

Jan 272010
Armored Core LAHIRE

The LAHIRE model kit will be available in local hobby stores (hopefully) by April or May 2010. The kit features Otsdarva’s AC Stasis, the No.1 Collard ranker featured in Armored Core: for Answer along with all the weapons and trimmings. The kit includes the 0700 assault rifle, 0507 heavy laser rifle, PM missiles, and a radar pack along with some stabilizers. Its unusual joints and small limbs make it an unusual design in a series filled with beefy giant robots, but otherwise it’s mech sexy as any other AC. Go grab one if you want your AC on a diet. Continue reading »

Jan 172010
Armored Core Tellus

The limited edition gunmetal version of Kotobukiya’s Tellus model kit from Armored Core 4 has finally been released and is (hopefully) available in your local hobby center. The gunmetal version considerably has different weapons compared to the original, most noticeable is the absence of the backmount folding laser cannon replaced by a radar part. Go grab one if you feel like having your Tellus kit with different colors. Continue reading »

Aug 272009
Armored Core Unsung Splash

ORCA Brigade leader Maximillian Thermidor’s personal NEXT is the next (pun definitely not intended) Armored Core to be immortalized in plastic model form, courtesy of model maker Kotobukiya. This kit is the twenty-seventh model to be produced for the Variable Infinity series, joining the likes of Supplice, White Glint and Noblesse Oblige from the Playstation 3 Armored Core games. Continue reading »

Aug 252009
Armored Core Weapon Set 1

Hot on the heels of the release of the next-gen Armored Core model kits come these new weapon sets from Japanese plamo-maker Kotobukiya. While previous weapon sets used armaments and equipment from the PlayStation 2-era of games, these latest additions to the Variable infinity line-up offer parts to customize the new ACs coming from Armored Core 4 and Armored Core: For Answer for the PlayStation 3. Among the parts included are the HITMAN machine gun, the SAMPAGUITA shotgun, the 061ANSC sniper cannon and the venerable MOONLIGHT laser blade. Continue reading »

Feb 172009
Mirage C05-Selena

Last December 27, some members got together and proceeded to Doom Trigger‘s abode for something different. Yes, there was still going to be AC, Tekken and good food, the staples of an RR meet, but this time, kit-building was to included into the mix.

Now I don’t know if this is just laziness on my part, or the fact that I’m updating this at 12:30 in the morning, but I’ll say this: I didn’t get to go to this one, sadly, so you’ll have to go by this thread and ask around to find out what happened. In any case, picture time after the jump!
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