Oct 162009
Gundam final shot

Video starts after the jump. The largest mecha franchise made its debut in 1979 with Mobile Suit Gundam, and has since been growing strong. Even if you never watched any Gundam show, chances are you have heard about this giant multi-media franchise in one form or the other. The Gundam meta-series consists of the anime itself, its sequels, and alternate universes, lots of video games, comics, side-stories, novels, movies and various trademark applications on ordinary household items. Continue reading »

Oct 142009
Busou Shinki with Armored Core weapons

Raven Republic members held the 3rd AC kit bash event last October 10 in forum member Trace‘s residence. Kit Bash 3 is a combination AC model assembly, painting, model mash-up, and photo-op, members try to assemble model kits, paint them, and see which one fits with another, though the actual AC kit bash hasn’t occurred yet (a true mix-match of parts resulting in an original creation hasn’t materialized as of the moment). Of course, it wouldn’t be complete w/o Japanese curry, the official food during an AC kit bash meet.

Anyway, pics of the model creations after the jump. Continue reading »

Sep 262007
Armored Core 3 Back to Back

Ah, childhood. The days when the minds of the young are so easily influenced by their environment. From experience, I’d say that there are two basic types of kids: the ones who stayed at school after class playing sports and the ones who rushed home immediately after to catch their favorite cartoon shows. The former would later join varsity teams while most of the latter (particularly those born in the 80’s) were weaned on shows like Transformers, Robotech, Gundam, Saber Rider, M.A.S.K, Voltron and the like.

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