Feb 112010
LEGO Gundam

This here is probably the most awesome LEGO mech ever, and it’s a Gundam! The attention to detail on this creation is just striking, with various double joints and a transformation sequence that rivals that of model kits WITHOUT removing any of the LEGO block parts. This just shows the amount of precision and passion involved with this work, not to mention that the creator also included the V2 Assault Buster Gundam parts as well. The entire building and transformation process after the jump: Continue reading »

Feb 042010

Here’s some interesting Armored Core related news, someone decided it was high time to move the game onto the PC platform. A person going by the name of Moodydave is currently developing a fan-made Armored Core game for the PC using the Unreal 3 development kit, and will be releasing it for free when the time comes. The story seems to be a mix mash of the various generations of Armored Core as taken from the Moddb page:

Set in the distant future, the majority of Earth has been destroyed by the Great Destruction, the terraforming of Mars by Zio Matrix has been put into Chaos by “The Frighteners” and the surface that mankind once thought would be within reach has been destroyed by “The Alliance”,”Vertex” and “The Ancient Weapons”. With hardly anything left mankind yet again lives below the surface dreaming of a future without war, but in reality can that dream by realized?.

More details and pictures after the jump: Continue reading »

Jan 312010

Found over at Armored Core-Wiki. Looks like Nineball Seraph isn’t the only awesome bird in the sky. This heavily modded custom Aaliyah made by “Riyu Mu” (ゆむ) looks like it can dominate the heavens and rule over the throne held by Armored Core’s big bad guy. Safe to say, it’d be interesting what a four way battle will look like between this guy, Nineball Seraph, Crest Black Rain, and the Cronus Vestal. More pictures after the jump: Continue reading »

Dec 302009
Front Mission Translation

This is the time English speaking Front Mission fans have been waiting for. After 2 years in development, the Front Mission 5 English Translation Patch is finally finished and its ready to be distributed from Frontmission.info‘s website. At the moment, only the beta 4 patch is out, but stay tuned in the following days as the final patch gets released.

The group also translated the opening intro for Front Mission 5 which should get your appetite running for the game:

[via: Frontmission.info]

Nov 162009
Armored Core Opening 01

No, we’re not dead. It’s just been a slow week.

This AC’s name is indeed Opening, which is Malzel’s AC from AC:FA, one of the high members of ORCA in the game. I was confused for a bit there, but do enjoy the look of this model created by Shinsa in FGsite. Equipped with scratch-built GA parts (except for the HOGIRE core) and a lot of heavy weapons (especially the BIGSIOUX large missiles and the YAMAGA grenade cannon), this is turning out to be my kind of AC. More pictures after the jump. Continue reading »

Nov 122009
Armored Core X-Sobrero 01

A scratch built SOBRERO AC from Armored Core: For Answer created by maro2501 in FGsite. It take a lot of skill and determination to pull this one off. Just look at the back mount quad chain-guns, who knows how much time were spent on making those and there are 2 of them! More pictures of this model after the jump. Continue reading »