Aug 142010

Here are a bunch of Armored Core papercraft models made by a person known as 東雲 遠音, who has painstakingly created three different Armored Core models out of paper. Papercraft or Paper Models for those who are new to the hobby, is the creation of 3D scale models using nothing but paper (or card paper for a little more stability in the finished product), glue, and a cutter. Hobbyists print out pre-set patterns of the models (sometimes of their own creation) and after hours of hard work, a 3D paper model of the figure emerges.

Time consuming and somewhat difficult to do, Papercrafting is a labor of love. As 東雲 遠音 shows, it is also rewarding as he has created the basic starter AC from Armored Core Nexus, a GA SUNSHINE AC, and a SOLDNER AC from Armored Core: For Answer. He also created an X-SOBRERO core, but the remaining parts might have been discontinued due to the flimsy frame.

Watch videos of him assemble AC models from paper after the jump: Continue reading »

Aug 072010
Linka and Sophie listening to some AC tunes.

So far, he’s making a damn good job at it. Mattias Häggström Gerdt is a freelance Swedish video game music composer who had a hand at developing music for various video games and music artists (what did you expect from a guy that had Viking war music in his bloodline?). Inspired by various Armored Core OSTs, particularly the synthesized vocals used in most soundtracks, he decided it was high time that a tribute album be made in honor of this unique method of music composition.

You can read his essay on processed vocals in Armored Core soundtracks (Prominent examples include Artifical Sky, Shining. Samples of which can be listened to after the jump) that got him started on this project. If you need a quick memory refresh on what synthesized vocals were like in Armored Core, hit the jump for a quick refresher on Shining form AC:N and Artificial Sky from AC3 as well as a sample of Mattias’ awesome tribute album: Continue reading »

Jul 212010

Dioramas for mecha plastic models are pretty common especially with Gundam and other major giant robot franchises, so we were surprised to see an actual existing diorama for Armored Core. As far as we know, this is the first time someone actually made one for our favorite mech shooter, and actually did a good job at it.

The title of this piece is “L’ Agguato 2.0″ (The Ambush 2.0) and shows the modeler’s skills in painting miniaturesand some nicely done weathering effects on the set pieces, as well as on the Hogire AC centerpiece all in its 1/72 scale glory. Click on the jump for more pics: Continue reading »

May 262010
Red AC

Though updates are irregular, Armored Core: Limit Release is shaping up to be a nice working fangame. The game uses the Unreal 3 game engine, and at the moment the game has a few rendered parts for in-game demonstrations and will eventually feature AC customization (The famous Karasawa series of laser rifles is at least confirmed to be in the game). At its current state it is still far from playable, but given the work progress and the animations presented, Armored Core: Limit Release promises to deliver an authentic Armored Core experience as seen in the trailer after the jump: Continue reading »

Apr 072010
Honorable mention

FG Site recently sponsored an Armored Core model making competition, and the results are nothing less than what we would feature in our Now That’s An Armored Core series. It comes to no surprise that the top placer was 507, the same person who built the very awesome Black Rain and Cronus Vestal. Hit the jump for the top placers as well as another honorable mention. Continue reading »

Mar 172010

This seems to be another fan made game in the works similar to Armored Core: Limit Release, but this one seems to have focused the game to Armored Core’s typically unappreciated grunt enemies. The name of the game escapes us, but it seems that it features MT opponents from the first Armored Core game and might also feature some limited customization on parts. Hit the jump for the video. Continue reading »