Jun 022011

Update: So apparently, the video above (which has been replaced with FromSoft’s own high-quality upload) is just a snippet of the actual opening cinematic for the game. The whole thing is scheduled for June 6th. The archived footage of the full broadcast, which mostly touches on the story and missions, has also been added below.

yatagami0 on YouTube swiftly uploaded Armored Core V’s CG opening cinematic right after the conclusion of fourth live demo, which is really great for those of us who missed it!

This latest Armored Core cinematic shows some staggering detail, which probably exceeds the standards set by all their previous efforts despite being a bit shorter in length. It’ll probably look even more amazing in HD. Continue reading »

May 312011
Armored Core V Extended 3

The Armored Core official site has just been updated with the schedule of yet another tease-fest that is the Armored Core V – The LIVE for REBOOT. This fourth installment of their Armored Core V streaming demo series promises to feature the game’s whole CG intro cinematic. And based on all previous Armored Core CG openings (except maybe Project Phantasma, which was pretty bad), this should be epic as well.

Expect the stream to go up on June 2nd at 7:00 PM (Japan time) through their usual Famitsu and Ustream channels.

May 272011
That's not shopped.

Update: New video clips added!

Last night was yet another live demonstration for the upcoming Armored Core V. I hear that tanks and quads and anime decals were shown, though I actually haven’t watched it yet. But you can see for yourself in the recorded video below.

Update: The video finally introduces ACV Quads and Tanks. Get ready to see some semi-transforming “Siege Mode” and first-person view zooming for Quads, and a slug fest with some Tanks. Some decal editing was thrown in too, as you can see in the image above. Continue reading »

May 172011
Armored Core V - 24

Shortly after the live demo last May 13th, lots of additional information on Armored Core V was released through the Famitsu site. The details of the article have since been translated and posted by an anonymous poster on popular imageboard 4Chan, and then graciously shared to us by Niji of Armored Core Universe. And now we pass on this information to you. Continue reading »

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May 142011
Armored Core V - 30

Update: New video clips added. Also note that another live demo is scheduled for streaming on May 19th at 8:00 PM (GMT+8).

Armored Core V’s live demo was finally aired last night, much to the delight of Armored Core fans everywhere. See the video below in case you missed it or want to watch it again.

The footage showcases such things as the shin-shield, fold-out sniper rifles, wall-jumps, quick boosts and overboosts, and even an AC shoulder tackle or knee strike. Continue reading »