Jan 312010

Found over at Armored Core-Wiki. Looks like Nineball Seraph isn’t the only awesome bird in the sky. This heavily modded custom Aaliyah made by “Riyu Mu” (ゆむ) looks like it can dominate the heavens and rule over the throne held by Armored Core’s big bad guy. Safe to say, it’d be interesting what a four way battle will look like between this guy, Nineball Seraph, Crest Black Rain, and the Cronus Vestal. More pictures after the jump: Continue reading »

Jan 272010
Armored Core LAHIRE

The LAHIRE model kit will be available in local hobby stores (hopefully) by April or May 2010. The kit features Otsdarva’s AC Stasis, the No.1 Collard ranker featured in Armored Core: for Answer along with all the weapons and trimmings. The kit includes the 0700 assault rifle, 0507 heavy laser rifle, PM missiles, and a radar pack along with some stabilizers. Its unusual joints and small limbs make it an unusual design in a series filled with beefy giant robots, but otherwise it’s mech sexy as any other AC. Go grab one if you want your AC on a diet. Continue reading »

Jan 172010
Armored Core Tellus

The limited edition gunmetal version of Kotobukiya’s Tellus model kit from Armored Core 4 has finally been released and is (hopefully) available in your local hobby center. The gunmetal version considerably has different weapons compared to the original, most noticeable is the absence of the backmount folding laser cannon replaced by a radar part. Go grab one if you feel like having your Tellus kit with different colors. Continue reading »

Sep 232009
The Raven's Nest

A Nest for Ravens

Armored Core has always been something of a niche catering to the already-niche genre of mecha simulation. The Armored Core trilogy for the PS1 provided mech fans everywhere with the rare chance to build and battle with their very own customized mechs. As players got to know the game better, their skills improved along with their ability to design ACs. It got to the point where bashing the AI rankers wasn’t enough any more and nothing other than an equally skilled human opponent would suffice for competition. But as most AC players surely realized, finding people to play against, let alone skilled ones, was just as challenging as learning to play Armored Core itself. Continue reading »

May 092009
Noblesse Oblige

When someone has been given much, much will be required in return; and when someone has been entrusted with much, even more will be required. – Luke 12:48

Pilot: R. Leonhardt (AC4), Gerard Gendelin (Armored Core: For Answer)
First Appearance: Armored Core 4

I feel it is appropriate to do a background check on one of the more recent icons to appear in the Armored Core franchise, the Noblesse Oblige, in light of the announcement of its upcoming model kit.

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Sep 262007
Armored Core 4 Box Cover

Alright, so we can all stop Google Translating the Japanese AC4 site, because Sega (who, for those who still do not know, are now publishing the game – no more Agetec) just released their version.

Have a quick look around there, and notice the Engrish that’s been present since Armored Core 2 is still lingering in the metal-flavored air. Overed Boost? C’mon.

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Sep 262007

Finally found one. Guppy vs. Azure Knight (both from ACO).

Holy hell. I’ve never seen a tank that quick.

Some quick points I noticed:

* The grrreat number of AP you get (well, in comparison with the other ACs of this generation anyway).
* Near infinite flight.
* Turning speed is no longer a problem.
* You have the choice of going aggro or defensive at any point in the match.
* Bigger weapon payload, and possibly more ammo to go with it.