Nov 162009

No actual confirmation due to a media blackout by the government. The attacker is confirmed to be a quadruped AC with machine gun weapon arms. Its either Japan wants to use Makati as a weapons testing site, or that’s where all the government corruption money is going. I can see my house from there as well (kinda).

Thanks to J.E. Magog for finding this gem.

Nov 032009
Sophie - Happy

We finally got an official Youtube account for Raven Republic, where we will feature various AC fights from all over the world. We will feature great fights, AC glitches, and various things that may or may not interest the AC player.

PACT videos will eventually be transferred here as soon as the opportunity arises, but for now everyone gets AC videos from Japan. Come visit our channel in Youtube.

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Oct 222009
Armored Core 3 Portable 02

The results of the recent Armored Core Championship Tournament sponsored by From Software was recently released in the official Armored Core website. The tournament winner is a pilot named “ame” from the Tokai prefecture while the second placer is “naname” from the Kanto area which come from their respective regions in the preliminary round. Final AC designs and final match videos after the jump. Please note that the designs posted are based off the videos. There is no official documentation of the player AC designs, and their internals are based on speculation. Continue reading »

Oct 032009
Armored Core 3

The officially sanctioned Armored Core 3 Portable tournament by From Software has finally ended and just in time prior to the release of Silent Line Portable. The results are up as well as tournament videos from various tournament locations all over Japan.

Not much has changed when it comes to part selection among participants compared to the initial release of AC3 for the PS2. The RF/220 is still the easiest weapon to use in the game, and is widely present in the tournament. Another prevalent weapon appearing on the top rankers is the OC/15 orbit cannons and the Multi-missiles. Overall the designs are well varied despite the usual domination of bipedal ACs. Continue reading »

Sep 032009
Armored Core 3 Portable 05

Long time AC fan Naitoh, who has been an excellent source of information on the Japanese Armored Core scene, has recently uploaded videos of “Matsuri 2″, a Japanese Armored Core 3 tournament held back in January of 2003, on his YouTube account. Sadly, we have no further information regarding the tournament such as its rules and part restrictions. Beyond that, the only information we can confirm for sure is the slight lag with the 2nd player because of the i.Link connection, as mentioned by Naitoh himself, a given problem in the AC3 and SL editions of AC.

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Aug 132009
Happy Sausages

Raven Republic’s triple attraction event finally pushed through, and boy was it awesome!

When Maitreya and I arrived at Leperman’s house at around noon, most of the members were already there, with some playing Blazblue and others already playing LR. In the shadows, a few enterprising individuals had already begun harvesting prawns!

Outside, stacks and stacks of burgers, buns, and condiments were spread all over just waiting to be consumed. Super Chef Hempire brought some awesome sauces and toppings and he even managed the grill for us for pretty much the whole day. What’ll we do without you, Hemp? :(

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