Mar 172010

This seems to be another fan made game in the works similar to Armored Core: Limit Release, but this one seems to have focused the game to Armored Core’s typically unappreciated grunt enemies. The name of the game escapes us, but it seems that it features MT opponents from the first Armored Core game and might also feature some limited customization on parts. Hit the jump for the video. Continue reading »

Feb 162010

Now that Armored Core Silent Line Portable has been released in English, people might wonder how different Silent Line is compared to its predecessor and the rest of the Armored Core games.

As evidenced by the videos above and to follow, a lot has changed from the days of Armored Core 3 Portable. These videos were taken from Naitoh’s AC site some time around 2003-2004 during various sparring sessions or actual tournaments on the PS2 version.

These featured are probably among best Ravens to ever pilot an Armored Core, so its worth watching them. Maybe these fights might inspire some people to play AC more often and learn a couple of things in the process. One important thing to note: all these videos are played in hard mode, meaning all the lock boxes are much smaller.

More videos after the jump. Continue reading »

Feb 042010
Armored Core 5 2010

Down below is the newly released Armored Core 5 trailer similar to the one shown at the end of Armored Core Championship Tournament Season 2. Much of the details obscured by the video quality of the previous version have now been reviled. Even with the full view, we still have no idea what that new spinning, burning screw-saw is really supposed to be aside from being an obvious over-sized melee weapon. Enjoy the new vid after the jump: Continue reading »

Jan 112010
Armored Core 5 Teaser

From Software just recently opened its Armored Core 5 teaser site today. The announcement of a new Armored Core brings tears of joy and sadness to veteran players. We can all speculate as much as we want, and your guess is as good as ours on what new stuff this long running mech shooter franchise will feature. All will (hopefully) be revealed by January 14 as mentioned on the teaser page. Cross your fingers that From gets Armored Core right this time.

The mentioned teaser trailer after the jump: Continue reading »