Sep 012010
Armored Moon Sailor Core

What’s this? Someone actually took the time of putting a robotic version of Sailor Moon for Armored Core: Master of Arena, and it looks like it is working just as expected. We’re strangely excited about trying this out for some reason, and we’re expecting some sort of magical transformation to occur when you equip the grenade launcher. See the gameplay video after the jump: Continue reading »

Aug 192010
Back Camera

It’s. About. Time. (Video after the jump)

Armored Core’s uber boss is finally making an appearance in Another Century’s Episode R, the latest incarnation of the long running ACE series which allows players to pilot their favorite anime mecha from various shows and blow stuff up. Finally, the chance that many AC power tripping fans have been hoping for is here without using some cheatcode to use him (We don’t really know if players can use him, but we’re assuming they can). From Software, who developed the same game, also inserted a Murakumo mech from the game with the same name in the first ACE title as well, so the tradition kinnda follows. More screenshots of this magnificent find after the jump: Continue reading »

Aug 142010

Here are a bunch of Armored Core papercraft models made by a person known as 東雲 遠音, who has painstakingly created three different Armored Core models out of paper. Papercraft or Paper Models for those who are new to the hobby, is the creation of 3D scale models using nothing but paper (or card paper for a little more stability in the finished product), glue, and a cutter. Hobbyists print out pre-set patterns of the models (sometimes of their own creation) and after hours of hard work, a 3D paper model of the figure emerges.

Time consuming and somewhat difficult to do, Papercrafting is a labor of love. As 東雲 遠音 shows, it is also rewarding as he has created the basic starter AC from Armored Core Nexus, a GA SUNSHINE AC, and a SOLDNER AC from Armored Core: For Answer. He also created an X-SOBRERO core, but the remaining parts might have been discontinued due to the flimsy frame.

Watch videos of him assemble AC models from paper after the jump: Continue reading »

Jul 232010

That Kotobukiya tweet we covered the last time might lead to this. The Last Raven version of Oracle, the featured AC back in Armored Core Nexus with a few tweaks, namely a change in legs, core, and a different back mount. Could this be the upcoming AC kit that will soon grace our shelves in the coming months? Stay tuned to find out.

If your memory needs a bit of refreshing on what he’s supposed to look like, click the jump for a short video of the AC in action: Continue reading »

Jun 042010

The results of a Japanese nationwide Armored Core: Last Raven Portable tournament held last May 29 are finally in, gathering 8 ravens from all over Japan to one tournament to find out who is indeed the Last Raven.

A Dengeki Online coverage of the tournament noted some observations from PS2 PvP games of ACLR, most significant is the greater difficulty of aerial battles due to the limitations of the PSP’s button configuration, making the look-up and look-down functions a bit more awkward compared to the PS2 version.

In addition, there is greater emphasis on range control, or darting in and out of one’s effective weapons range to dish out damage instead of short range slug-fests. Much of the player victories are attributed to AP lead instead of destroying an opponent’s AC.

In line with the celebrations, a web poll was conducted asking fans who they think will win the grand championship. Fan speculations turned out accurate, with the winner of the fan poll also being the winner of the tournament as well. Hit the jump to find out who the champion is and watch the fight videos: Continue reading »

May 262010
Red AC

Though updates are irregular, Armored Core: Limit Release is shaping up to be a nice working fangame. The game uses the Unreal 3 game engine, and at the moment the game has a few rendered parts for in-game demonstrations and will eventually feature AC customization (The famous Karasawa series of laser rifles is at least confirmed to be in the game). At its current state it is still far from playable, but given the work progress and the animations presented, Armored Core: Limit Release promises to deliver an authentic Armored Core experience as seen in the trailer after the jump: Continue reading »

May 172010
Get ready for an upset...

Get ready for an upset…

The Final Pulverizer is a big blue menace. Fast, hard hitting, and nigh unstoppable for the rookies of Armored Core, it fittingly deserves the position of being the final boss of Armored Core Last Raven (Once the player unlocks all missions and ending paths).

Sure there are various methods of defeating Armored Core Last Raven’s secret boss for the series’ veterans (The seemingly useless Parry Blades for example), but by far the ballsiest way to kill the damn thing is by using nothing more than the starter AC. This also works for players seemingly strapped for cash in-game (how you run out of money at this point of the game, we don’t know). Hit the jump for the video: Continue reading »

May 072010

Here’s an interesting little peripheral if you’re interested in getting more out of your Armored Core experience. Sony released its first Dual Analog Controller, officially known as the PlayStation Analog Joystick back in 1996, which look like a pair of flight sticks (or twin-sticks if you ever played Virtual-On). Unlike the overwhelming 40 button Steel Battalion controller for the Xbox, these twin-sticks are much more intuitive for mech gamers looking for a simulation fix.

RR is actually in possession of 2 sets of flight sticks c/o Trace, and hopefully we’ll be able to mod these peripherals to be compatible with Armored Core controls. Inspiration comes from a hobbyist named lkjhgfdsaisamu from Youtube and his videos demonstrating their compatibility with Armored Core. He carefully warns that these sticks have been heavily modded using parts from a Dual Shock controller, as the analog function is strictly relegated to the left stick functions only (Similar to the analog nub controls on the PSP incarnations of AC). See the modded flight sticks in action after the jump: Continue reading »