May 142011
Armored Core V - 30

Update: New video clips added. Also note that another live demo is scheduled for streaming on May 19th at 8:00 PM (GMT+8).

Armored Core V’s live demo was finally aired last night, much to the delight of Armored Core fans everywhere. See the video below in case you missed it or want to watch it again.

The footage showcases such things as the shin-shield, fold-out sniper rifles, wall-jumps, quick boosts and overboosts, and even an AC shoulder tackle or knee strike. Continue reading »

Feb 242011
Armored Core 3 Skyeye

Imagine that Armored Core could be played professionally as a recognized e-sport.

Imagine players (Ravens!) duking it out on stage to a massive crowd, and with a live commentated broadcast for television and the internet. There’d be organized teams complete with coaches and support staff and matching uniforms and gear from sponsors. Hordes of screaming fan girls (and boys) would be lined up for an autograph or photo of their favorite players. Ravens would be traveling the world to play on tournaments with lewd prize pools at stake.

Well imagine no more, as all that is actually already happening… Continue reading »

Feb 212011

Have you ever thought that you could’ve done a better job at balancing Armored Core than the developers? Us too.

That’s why we were ecstatic when we first heard several months ago that a fellow AC enthusiast, going by the name of Adiyel, was opening up the inner workings of Last Raven.

Before getting to the actual stat-changing, he had to dissect and sift through the piles of code accumulated since Armored Core 3, which you can read about here. But it appears that he already has working mods, as showcased in the (blurry) videos above and below. Continue reading »

Feb 062011

A whole lot more info popped out thanks to this Gamespot interview with Mr. Toshifumi Nabeshima, the producer and director of the Armored Core series. From his words, there are going to be radical changes to the series formula, emphasizing more on greater online content while maintaining the core gameplay the series is known for. Hit the jump for the interview as well as a summary of details: Continue reading »

Sep 212010
Back Camera

Nine-Ball Seraph is indeed present in the From Software developed mecha mash-up called Another Century’s Episode: R. The iconic Armored Core villain, this time controlled by pilot Winter, appears as the second to the last boss of the game. And after the 11th playthrough, Nine-Ball becomes a player selectable mech. Continue reading »

Sep 092010
Armored Core Limit Release

David Ball, or Moodydave/Moodydata as he’d like to be known in the internet, has been continuing the development of his one-man effort called Armored Core: Limit Release.

In his 42nd update on moddb, he shares how this pet project of his has gone on for far longer than he expected but that he looks at what he learns from the work rather than how much still needs to be done. What is unclear until now though is whether the project will simply be an OVA or a fully playable mod. But with his mindset, we can only expect good developments either way.

And to cap things off, Dave has treated us to an all new teaser. He even managed to get a few voice actors. Do check it out below. Continue reading »