Papercraft Mecha

Papercraft Mecha

It’s been a while since we’ve seen papercraft featured here in the front page. This one comes to us from machinecore. Presenting, Red Dragoon: This piece pretty much shows you […]

Drac's ACDC 2.0 Results

Drac’s ACDC 2.0 Results

The results are finally in for Queen Drac Wraith‘s second aesthetics ACDC. A total of 93 ACs were entered all in all. That’s a lot of ACs. Hit the jump […]

Drac's ACDC 2.0 - Results Incoming!

Drac’s ACDC 2.0 – Results Incoming!

Submissions are over, and it’s a whopper – 51 93(!) ACs strong for Queen Drac Wraith‘s second aesthetics ACDC. I’m assuming most, if not all of those are shown in […]

Pacific Rim - A Must Watch!

Pacific Rim – A Must Watch!

After months of silence here on the blog end of things, I feel compelled impelled to give a short update. Simply put, if you’ve ever been a giant robot fan, […]

What Happened?

UPDATE: Alright, so basically, everything’s now back to normal. We’ve migrated hosts, forums are back up, and regular activities can now resume. Carry on. OK, so that was definitely not […]


ACV was finally patched. There’ll be no indication, and the game will still say “1.01” on the lower right corner, but the stats have definitely changed to match Japan’s 1.03 […]

RR's Eye Popping ACV Emblems

RR’s Eye Popping ACV Emblems

A huge surge of creativity outside designing ACs in RR. A lot of effort went into designing emblems, including those of RR mascots Sophie and then others. Eye popping effort […]

ACV Desert Garage DLC

ACV Desert Garage DLC

Beyond parts and performance there’s also vanity, and ACV attempts to satisfy the last urge with a new DLC garage. So far the Desert Base is confirmed to be out […]

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