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Games "Like" Armored Core
» Let us know if you know of any.
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So, while AC being off my mind for a while especially due to From's drought, I recently stumbled upon two games that gave me an Armored Core vibe, which you guys might be interested in.

These games are PC ports of mobile and handheld (Vita) games:

First off, Assault Gunners HD:

And second, Damascus Gear Osaka:

Might you guys know of other games that have similar vibes to Armored Core?

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03-09-2018 05:54 PM
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this thing. a former coworker of mine worked on this. yes, this is Filipino made (or at least partly). haven't played it tho coz i was a bit sore that it seemed like an AC rip-off ahaha
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03-10-2018 06:58 PM
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